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gemma b 100 wc

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Once upon a time there lived a little boy and girl the boy would be up in the morning on his xbox. While the girl would be watching tv. They were two lazy kids but the girl will go out side and help the dad.Right let me tell you about the dad.The dad would be out side on a sunny day.

Let me tell you all about what he,s makeing he is making a lob cabing sorry ive got go to the dentist now ill see you later.

Im going to tell you about the dentist, he gave me this nise juce but it made my tongue tingle.

In the next story im going to tell you whats going to happen.

the end by gemma b

Gemma.B 100wc

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It was a sunny morning when i woke up. Suddenly my sister Zosia came in i was seprised that she came in and said why are you in your cloes .

“I said the light was bright so i went and got chanshed” then i went down for breakfast and” my mum said whats going on and” i said i dont no “then mum “said come on i no you ve had a hard time at school” and i was like what do you meen” mum said you have been in bed for over an our now go to school “and they lived happily ever after the end.

Gemma b 100wc

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It was christmas time and it was the night before christmas day a little girl couldnt stop thinking what she would get for christmas. She was so excited . Here brother thomas dosent like christmas atall and i cant stop saying to him when the time comes it will feel like christmas when your are opening your presants and eating christmas dinner it will feel really christmasy then. But now it was time to wake up and time to open up all the presants and i went to see my  brother and as he looked around they were all in there mum and dad  and we lived happely ever after. Gemma

Gemma b 100wc

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One day i looked out the window and saw a butefull burd.It was so lovely that i wished i had one.After i saw the burd fly away but as the leaves busled they all flow away.When i went down stars my mum shouted its nearly christmas then i shouted yes its achely christmas.Then i had my faverut breackfust weaterbicks. After i went out side to play then i saw my friend kira we played with each other.Then it was lunch time and kira had to go home. Then i was sad i went back in.Mum said why are you sad because you called me in well you can go and play over hers next time so they lived happily ever after.

Gemma brace 100wc

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He was shocked to find a skeleton in the bag. He was so shocked he got scared so he screamed and got louder and louder.After he ran out side and there was no forest were he lived he was sad because he had no were to live he went to all the houses but no one answered.Sneakily he went to the last house and locked really sad.Scared wured thrild that he wasnt going to beabel to go to eney cozey homes.He said to him self i wish i could go back home to see my little spiders i wonder what there dowing right now.I just wonder.Im gowing to b brave and go home.




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One day to girls called Louise and Chloe and there little dog Zosia  went for a walk in the wood. But then there dog barked woof woof  they looked around and they seen a freaky which aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they screamed then they ran home.When they got home there mum said”ive got you a magazine all about wiches. When they said we seen a freaky wich mum didn’t beleve it then Clouie said that’s the wich there were dus that wich live in the casell on the top of mount evera can we go there mum.Well I sop’s we could said mum.

Gemma b 100 wc

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poem and story                                                                                                
One day I was about to go on a wallk in the wood when I had my breakfast on the tabel I fogot all about it.Then I went for a wallk after so of I went into the wood and sang a poem. trees go swish and the tigers can wish pandas go bo dogs weres shoes and that is the end of the animals dos.Now im getting teiered I better go home now she said to her self so of she went home and when she got home she had a loveley cup of tea suddenly I was able to see again the animals that I seen in the wood. I was happy again. THE END .

Gemma 100 wc

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Once i was wallking in the woods i hered and as i looked around a little dog was trotting along as i was wallking but then i follt weres its oner gon the dog didnt worey about anyone . ore anything then i folt shel i take this dog home or shel i not then i folt im gonoe take the dog home then on the way home i saw a nover dog then i folt aigain im gowing to ceep this dog home to so i took the dog home so we went home and my friend Ashley was there soshe said”do you wont to play”i said”yes lets play in the garden””yes”so they lived happely ever after the end.

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