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Chelsea’s 100wc

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The gargoyle part 3


When Charlotte finished she called Mckenzie to come and collect it.


When Mckenzie and Mercedes got to the tailor shop, Charlotte gave them the dress and said to Mckenzie,

“Be careful with the dress I made it so you would look beautiful for your party.”

Mckenzie nodded gently.

Mckenzie and Mercedes left for the party, when they got there she saw the most handsome man in her life.

She walked over to him and said

“What is your name young fellow?”

“Damian” he replied kindly.

“That’s a lovely name” said Mckenzie.

Mckenzie went to dance but Damian stopped her and said

“Will you dance with me?”

Mckenzie blushed.


To be continued………

Chelsea 100wc The Gargoyle part two

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The Gargoyle part two


“Why do the gargoyles give people nightmares” said Mercedes

“You won’t understand, lets go down for breakfast but I will tell you one they say that when he starts he doesn’t stop but some people say as he started they run to Gloucester said Mckenzie.


Breakfast time:

Mckenzie made two bowls of cereal, one for her and one for Mercedes.

After they ate breakfast, they went to the dry cleaners to pick up Mercedes’s party dress for the party they were going to.

Then they went to the tailor shop to get the lady, Charlotte, to make a beautiful party dress. Charlotte did not stop until she finished.


To be continued…..

Chelsea 100wc

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…He was shocked to find a little girl called Charlotte in the bag.  She knew karate so she started hitting the man in the face. He ran away screaming his head off.

“Get off of me now please?!” he shouted

Charlotte got back in the bag and kept quiet for a moment thinking the man was weird. The man went back to Charlotte and said “you are a naughty little girl aren’t you.” He said miserably.

He when outside for some fresh air and watched the leaves fall to the ground. But as the leaves rustled the man noticed  and said how on earth did you get here…

to be continued next time



Chelsea100wc The Gargoyle

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Once upon a time there were two little girls and their names are Mckenzie and Mercedes.

One day when Mckenzie woke up Mercedes was crying in her bedroom, Mckenzie went to investigate.

When Mckenzie got in Mercedes bedroom there was a man wearing black clothes Mckenzie thought about who it was.

“Now I remember, it was a gargoyle they come to give people nightmares.” Mckenzie explained.



To be continued…

Chelsea 100wc

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Once upon a time there were two girls called Charlotte and Chelsea.

Chelsea and Charlotte were the bestest friends,they never let go of each other.

But one day something really terrible  happened.

“HELP” Chelsea shouted.

Chelsea had lost her eyesight,Charlotte carried Chelsea  to bed to rest and when she woke up she was able to she see again.

Chelsea jumped out of bed shouting


She ran downstairs and said what had happened.

The next day mum took Charlotte and Chelsea to school and  saw are friends

so Charlotte said the story to her friends and Chelsea   told her friends,

and said to the teacher the title of the story but the  teacher didn’t believe her eye she went blind for a bit but suddenly she fell on the   floor.

The teacher said when she got back up “Just tell the class about your story”

she told the story that was called suddenly I was able to see again.


Chelsea 100wc

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One day I went to Charlotte’s and as I looked around I saw a cuddle me Mercedes doll, I asked Charlotte if I could play with it.

“No” said Charlotte.  

“Why” said Chelsea, mysteriously.

“Because” shouted Charlotte.

“Because what”said Chelsea.

“Because I said so” Charlotte shouted.

“Okay okay I don’t want to brag” said Chelsea, softly

“Well what do you want to do now apart from playing with my cuddle me Mercedes doll.” said Charlotte as gently as she could.

“um… can I go home” said Chelsea

“no because after tea we’re playing with my cuddle me Mercedes doll” Charlotte, said excitedly.

“YAY!” said Chelsea,excitedly.


to be continued….

by chelsea


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