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new year story by SG

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31 December 11:58


I was nominated by the queen, to do the firework display and I had the biggest part! The people next two me were my best of friends, Ashley and Archie. ( Kinda ironic both of my friends begin in A)



Ok everyone in the London eye are setting up the fireworks up ready for 12:00. every one had about 100o fireworks.


20 seconds till new years


I was setting my fie works alight and reading the labels incace the fireworks are eleagle,fireing my matches ready for 12:00 


10 seconds till new year


setting the fireworks of is hard work  learned that from expearience then



Archie was messing around and as he started goofing around the fireworks they blinded him !!!!!!!!!!!!!


the fireworks went on it was the prettiest thing since the last Aphrodite sighting I fall in love but I needed  concentration two set the fire behind the London eye off


new years day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it was a success new year was a success except for the blinding.

He was shocked to find a …………………………….

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                                       the night zoo keeper 

He was shocked to find ….. a goddess the prettiest goddess ever as you can guess it was Aphrodite goddess of love.he fell  for her like no ones biz at first sight he wanted to purpose but from his knowledge he knew that she loved Ares and Poseidon but was married to hephaestus god of fire and blacksmiths  so he found it best to stay quiet.

“shocked ,puzzled,confused you are probably feeling all of these emotions”. mumbled Aphrodite ” i love y.”and the lord covered his mouth before he could say you. but he asked “can i marry you please ?” and Aphrodite said “YES I WILL MARRY YOU ! but first i need to tell hephestus the bad news. and lived happily ever after  THE END

sophie’s 100wc

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Long,long ago lived the god of love he had big abs and he was called Isaac .Some other god’s/goddess’s  which hang around him are the goddess of the moon and hunting called Hope.Ryan is the god of the sky’s.Sophia is the god of the sea’s. They were the best of friends all of them except Ryan he was cruel with a iced heart froze by the god of snow and ice cream called Damian .He was the crulest god ever but he remembered the past befour he was crulest in the world. He was the nicest in the world number 1.






The amazing story of love.

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Once upon a time lived a goddess.The goddess of love and fire her name was Sophie she was brave and smart.She lived in a statue like a dementor or a weeping angel. One day a boy which was the god of the under world he was called deacon Hades  (which was a weird name) he came across her statue and said “what in taros “.Then he saw a beautiful girl and asked her to join him on his quest she agreed after blushing then a grope of hungry pirates took her by surprise and she was never to be seen again.but the boy was not a quieter so he swooped in and saved her so 10 days later they got married.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           and lived happily ever after 

  the end!!!!!!!!!!

sophie’s 100wc

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Not very long ago a girl called Sophie had magical powers, fire if i may add.Also a boy called Isaac had magical powers, water if i may add again also both did not know about it. And so it begins………………………………



Once upon a time ago a girl called Sophie she was 10 years old so was Isaac and in Gotham city. The main + strongest villein was called crazy sico girl called Emily.She did not have many relatives . Anyway back to Sophie and Isaac Sophie was blinded by how handsome Isaac looked suddenly after 3 seconds I could see again he looked amazing because they went to a ball room dancing club so they went to the club and Sophie reliced a blast of her fiery magic





TO BE CONTINUED…………………………..


Sophie’s 100wc

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Once upon a time a girl called Sophie and a boy named Isaac they were the best of friend’s but one had a deep secret I have the deep secret I have super powers.

3 years later

Sophie  looked deeply into his eyes but could not tell him the secret and turned around and left the night Sophie left her house and went to find crime.The next morning she was tired and sleeped in all day and missed school. Isaac missed her and went over her house to see if she was ok.

to be continued

DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sophie’s 100wc

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once apon a time some one called Jack and Rilly went to the South African water forest to learn more about crocodiles “wow 10  baby crocodile’s in 1 go how many babby’s can they make in 1 go!”said Jack softly”10 is the new record!”said Rilly “anyway im going to make some of my famous pepper stew with orange peppers 2 servings”said Jack “ok”said Rilly so they went back to new york and they toataly fogot about thear reasurch all of it exept crocodiles can lay 10 baby crocodiles at 1 time! there boss was impresed so impressed they gave them a promoton but that is a totaly diffirent story.

THE       END!


to be continued …………….

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