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emilys 100wc

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One day my cousin Amy came over and brought fizzy sweets over so we sat down to eat them I had strawberry while Amy had blueberry the strawberry turned out to be tangy strawberry so it my tongue tickle. We both had a sip of water then went on snap chat for 10 minutes and the rest. At 6:00 we got on our pyjamas s and then watched a movie called LOST AT SEE. then at 9:00 we went to bed then wend on snap chat again the finally went to sleep and then woke up again to talk coming 9:30 we went to sleep.

Emily s 100wc

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Once upon a time there lived a girl and her name was Emily. She    had a annoying little brother called Sam. He tormented her so she was in agony. The next day it was Emily’s Birthday. Emily got a puppy. She took her wonderful trot. Because he was eds such a good boy Emily gave him a treat. The next day it was Sams birthday he got a xbox three sixty. He playd on it all day. As he started to go to sleep they went out side to go have a gaze at the stars.





Emily’s 100 wc

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Once upon a time  a  princess called Molly lived in a wonderful castle covered in flowers .  Molly had a baby called Emily. One  winter day  Molly went for a walk in the but as the leaves rustled there wasn’t a sound. She ran back to the castle and ran through the doors and said “There is something freaky going on in the woods.2  She  sat down and had a nice fresh cup of tea. Emily came in to the room and sat down next to Molly.

One hour later they went to the dining room and sat at the table

………………..TO BE  CONTINUED…………………….





The filthy animal.

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He was shocked to find a cold despread Animal .

Unusually, the man finds a filthy rich Animal .

shocked , devastated and dazed the poor Animal din’t know where it was .

with a proper knife the man was about to kill the animal.

But he  couldn’t  with a flash of light the Animal ran out the door.

So they went out to catch it.

They caught the Animal ,when the man picked up the Animal they realised the animal was a puppy. they took him to the pound .

And there they said “hear is a puppy.” The pound said “we don’t want it ……..

Creepy night by Emily .

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One night at snake avenue a creepy man was walking down Snake woods.

A little girl took one step to the creepy man and screamed.  when the little girl turned around a saw a Zombie , she looked very scared.

The girl looked up she saw a Vampire by behind her she fattened.

When she woke up ghosted was crowed around her . She got up and wandered a round  the woods she said ” what do you want from me?

The creepy man said ” we are hear to kill you! mah ah ah ah ! the Vampire said.  The girl sad leave me alone then she ran off.



One day at Monster  High Frankie said to kitty Na war , “are you doing

anything to night”

kitty Na war said” no  why?.”

Frankie said,We can have a shopping spring .

OK then she said.

Kitty Na war told Rebecca Steam .

Rebecca said ” can I come.”

“Sure” said kitty Na war .

So that night  those three girls went out to monster High City , they spent all there money one clothes and handbags.

After all the shopping they  got very hungry, so they desisted to go to the Monster High chopstick land .

” boy am I hungry “said Frankie.

” me to” said Rebecca. “lets  eat” said Frankie.


One day I danced my heart out of the room . My cousin Lila  was watching I felt in barest. ” Do you want  to join  Shan’s dance. ” said Lila. ” OK ” I said .          So she took me to Shan’s dance .”  It is far” said Lila . As I looked around   around all the girls stared at me.  Shan said hi girls  lets get to it. “we are doing a show at Christmas ” said Lila .  ” wow ” I said. “so we need to get dancing” Shan said . we was practising for the big show .The song was called All I want for Christmas is you. when the big show came everybody clapped .

the big end





100 words by Emily Jenkins pepper , crocodile,orange ,forgot and soft

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There wear two girls one called Bethany one called Emily.

Bethany and Emily had soft spaghetti and meat balls,with pepper on top.

The next day they went  to the Zoo .” Look at all the reptiles” ! said Bethany

” My favourite is the crocodile said Emily.

They took pics off the crocodile.

when they walking home they said” we forgot something”

They forgot there camera!

“oh know ” said Emily!

So the went back.

When they went back home they was so tired. ” lets go to bed” said Bethany. So the got there panamas on then went to bed .

“I’m tired”said Bethany “same” said Emily. good night goodnight.

THE  END                                   BY EMILY JENKINS

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