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lily the light was to dright wc

January 14th, 2015 | Posted by lilydrybrook14 in 100 Word - (0 Comments)

ONE sunni mornning i wak up one of my freneds said ‘ the light was to briht ” so I said ‘so we still haf to do wrok ” . then I went to the park whith Hope but then I fogot that i had a runny ress at Hopes homes at 5.50 whehn it was sgampwse brithday ,but then normal ne,died me for his homework . Then Hope was mad at me . Nice, happy mis said” you are going awt to park ” then Hope said”yes . Then we,ll get some sweets” ok” molly youare a star . Then we went to my mums home in londen then new york

lily ,s DEAD ENED 100WC

January 5th, 2015 | Posted by lilydrybrook14 in 100 Word - (0 Comments)

ONE day lily was not a good girl she siad to Freya their must be a dead ened for liam so Freya,s boy called sephehn he was not as good as you like. AS he stared they killed liam. NINJA SOPE SATHED US FORM DEAD . So Sope said you can help me from a dead ened in a dradgon war . HAPPILY ,GREATFORIY , GLEEFULLY they set of to the dragon war . WEare going to have to get some armer from molly . ONthe way they went on a bus ,car hors to molly . THEN the war started in a dead ened for the wold.

lilys scary story 100wc

October 20th, 2014 | Posted by lilydrybrook14 in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

John is  going to  the woods and oak is comeing to so we hat to hath a pact a lunch  and  hope was walking  with   molly  was laughing  happy then hope was ling on the  path  then molly was ling on the path and her bath was a sleep on her bed molly went home and her bath dib to so hope went day  hope was at home so we cod not  go to the park because hope came so I was going to my mums homes was   going to a party . I,m going to hopes homes so you are going to mollys.

100 wc LI.LY

October 2nd, 2014 | Posted by lilydrybrook14 in 100 Word - (0 Comments)

one  day I forgot my pepper and orange hat for Dee-Jay  But freya got me a nuth orange hat  for crocodile called molly but I can not see her  so I don’t have to go to ded  at  7pm. me and magan c  can play to geth  today soft lee but my stister haves som  fiedly  cats but I hate them but I got to see them  evre day my sister hates  me but Idont came  but she . I like  zoo but  I like meganc but I  like molly  use pen  and all I Rember is a  song form holly and all of my  book and a  toy form mum .

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