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Mollys 100wc Hetty Feather to be continued

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One day in the Victorian time there wasa  girl called Hetty feather. She woke up and her light red hair bounced  and her head smacked onto the hard bed. She got up in to her outfit and matron came in and slipped on the hard floor and yelled and she got up and said Hetty and Shella and Mary clean up the floor out side  .Well they had to go out and Shella floated on the floor and Hetty laughed and Shella got the umbrella and smacked it on. Hetty it was night time and hetty climbed  up a mountain …….to be continued

100wc by molly – HettyFeather

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Hetty Feather


One million years ago in a busy town were people that were poor there was a girl called Hetty Feather, she was a maid. As she joined the queue and Violet pushed in and Hetty shouted” move i was her first Violet .”Then Hetty left the queue she went to clean the bathrooms .then violet came in and spilt the water all over her so Feather put the towel on her and the lady slowly  came in and shouted” go to the nurse and work there to learn a lesson .”They went in and did the sheets and Violet was doing good and Hetty was playing .TO BE CONTINUED










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But it made my tongue tingle when she eat the sour sweets she bought from the sweet sweet  shop.  her name was poppy, she was so spoilt little girl.She had 3000 friends she lived in USA. She lived in a castle that was white,blue and purple.  Her bed and everything  like her furniture and her TV  and cooker were also blue white and purple. One day on a Friday poppy whose best friends were called Louise and Zoe  saw a new boy James and Sam  they became friend with them.But that day they had a maths test and  helped poppy.  She didn’t become spoilt and they did practise doing stuff all the time


molly s 100WC

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The light  was so bright  it  made   Hope  was  playing  in the park.Hope went to here house to see here dog that is called scamp and here mum and dad .She went to bed then it was the next day .Hope went to here school she had PE and maths .She went  home with her friend Millie .When hope got home she took scamp for a walk  she came back  .It was Hopes  birthday  she had 100  people coming to her birthday  party so they had to do it at her  castle  .when she was older she lived in her castle.

































mollys 100wc

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As he started they heard mike shouting so tee and carmon  went down to see what was wrong .  mike was shouting at frank because he had only been  at his job for 45 mins .So tee said to johnny to say liam is coming  over .Johnny said why is he coming over hes got hes  brother     .tee said because hes brother didnt want him in his house and hes staying over for a couple of days .a few days later liam was at the dumping ground .Frank was thinking of a way to make mike happy so he falt then he had an idea  then he did it and they were happy the end

molly s 100 wc

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 but as the leaves rustled…the princess walked in the garden they were called Emily and molly .They had a dogs called Megan and Ollie .Ollie was Molly’s and Megan was Emily s.  they had  massive house  they have  2,0000  rooms  so they slept. In the morning  they got changed because there was a ball  that was going on at molly’s brothers house so they were going to go to the ball so they got ready.they put there make-up  and dress and shoes .they were there they were dancing .Then  a boy went up and said hello and danced they lived happily ever after.











molly s 100wc

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He was shocked to find a  human in the bag that had some stones and wood .Cheekily, he tried to get out but they got it. Scared,based,frighted,that he was there so he said why have you got me i haven’t done anything.So why do you what me because we didn’t know that you were in there  so we might let you go may be .So they said come with me and please stay for  a Min or two the human said all right . So the human just wanted to get out of here so they walked around but in the end he went.the end



mollys 100wc

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Once upon a time  there was was a girl called Sophie she had a diamond sword .she went to the woods  to get some wood  while she was walked to a tree she stepped on. A crunchy leaf that made a funny sound she walked .There was a massive tree Sophie said to her self I don’t  what to cut trees . he heard  a animal sound. She was scared but it was a cute bunny the bunny said you are a nice girl thank you said Sophie .Then she said do you have any nice trees no I Don’t goodbye


Molly s 100wc

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Once upon a time there was a girl called Molly she loved dogs because  they were so cute.  When she lived  by here self  she got 20000000 thousand dogs and she took them for five walks  a day some in the morning some in the afternoon  . In the morning the door rang  it was Millie that was Molly’s best friend she  said I  forget my bag okay come in my  house   lily will jump up at you. Do you  want to come over tonight no said Millie okay .so she went away treat time dogs.  It was lunch time dogs had there lunch.she phoned Tanya said she was busy okay she said good night and had a lonely lady.THE END





said she was

100wc by Molly s

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One day there was a girl called Tracy she lived in a dumping ground she hated  Justin littlewood and  she had to best friends called crash and Jacky. They had lots of fun .There was a really weird kid he dressed  up in  weird clothes .It was  a new day  they had  breakfast they chomped  there  food . they went school but  Tracy didn’t go  to  school . It was the end of school it was tea time but Tracy , crash and  Jacky  they went to the chippy  .They got home  they went to bed. It was  the morning  they had  breakfast. the end







mollys 100 word challenge

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Once upon a time there  was a  girl called Molly and she had a dog called Harry and she  had a Crocidile his name was called orange . they had a Masive  house . they went to school a they met a new boy called Damian he was nice his really cleaver and funny . it was the end of school and Molly had loads of home work  it was the next  she had done all of  her home work . she saw Damian  he said”hello” i gust walked away from him it was the end of the day Molly had no home work she  saw Damian he  said i like you.

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