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Check out our slow-mo gym videos !

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Taylor horror doll

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Chapter 1
One day there was a house with custard on it. But the family did not like custard so they moved. But the custard tasted like stale sweets yuck yuck yuck. But the next house they found had a custard moat. The custard was pink,blue,and red mixed together yuck. And the next house was just fine it was massive. It was two mansions put together it was so big. They loved it it was the perfect house it’s cool. They wanted to stay forever but something was bothering them. It was this doll outside everyday it would stare at them day and night it was silly.

Chapter 2
The girl Lucy was only 5 so she was only in in school. Her big sister Alexis was 16so she is nearly in collage. And who could forget mum and dad. Lucy has brown hair and blue eyes. Alexis has blue and pink hair and brown eyes. Mum has pink hair and brown eyes .Dad has black hair and blue eyes. Mum’s name is called Ella and dad’s name is Sam. And the girl Lucy went in the back garden shed and saw her reflection in the window and said “mummy why are there two of me in the window”” There are not two of you in the window it is a reflection” what is a reflection “ a reflection is where you see two of you in the window “ oh OK

chapter 3
The beautiful day came at last when Lucy went to the zoo where there was a grand pink gorilla. A man on a bicycle laughed “ha ha”. Then the gorilla broke out of his cage and started to run after the man on the bike. He peddled as fast as he could but ran out of energy and the gorilla caught him, shook him and then put him down and started running after Lucy. She ran as fast as she could and the gorilla gave up and went back to his cage. Mum said “what animal do you want to see next?” “I want to see the lions”. “OK then let’s go see the lions but then we are going home after”.

When Lucy and her mum got home she had her tea and then mum said “do you want to go to a play park tomorrow” yeah OK “said. Lucy she went to bed and dreamt in the play park she could not see no one Lucy woke up and ran into her sisters room and woke her up. Alexis said “what are you doing up ,I dreamt about I was trapped in the play park Alexis hugged her sister as tight as she could” .your not going to get lost Lucy said to Alexis can you come swimming tomorrow with me please all right they went to the play park and had a great time.

After they got back from play park ,they had there tea and when they finished Alexis said “I am going to the park” but Alexis did not go to the park she really went to the police ,because there is a dangerous criminal and Alexis said “I know where he is” but also Alexis old friend Georgia and whoever got the criminal got 1.0000 pounds reward they both wanted to get in but you. Just couldn’t go in meetings were held across the country to find the criminal. Lucy was watching the news and she heard that the dangerous criminal was on the loose Lucy was so scared Alexis and Georgia were trying to push through the door.
When Georgia and Alexis were pushing through the the door a massive alien ship was pushing through the earth and came to abducted Georgia and Alexis and Lucy ran to save her sister but she didn’t care about Georgia so mum and Lucy were trying to pull Alexis out of the ship it took 2 and a half hours.Later they are still trying to save Alexis finally they got her and ran home.Alexis said ” thank you mum and Lucy” mum said “would you like me to run you a bath” “yes please”.Lucy and Alexis went upstairs and was playing on the laptop. THE END

Chloe horror story “the haunted shed”

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Chapter 1

One very calm and worm night there was a beautiful little girl called Rose. Rose was fast asleep and she was the number 1 fan of One Direction. The bedroom where she was, was covered with One Direction posters and there was one special poster which had all of there autographs on it. In the middle of the room there was a jar of custard which tasted like mouldy cabbages. When she woke up she saw the jar of custard in the middle of her bedroom and wondered what on earth it was doing there.

Chapter 2
When the tired girl had woken up she looked at the wired jar of custard, and on top of the lid it said mouldy custard! (DO NOT EAT)and on the side it said the best before and it was out of date at 01/06/00. (which was Rose’s birthday). She defiantly knows not to eat it. When she went down stairs into the kitchen what had just been painted instead of her dad saying “hi did you have a good night sleep?” he said “what. Where, who, how” In a confused voice. Just then Rose said what’s wrong dad.” about 12 seconds later Rose and her dad Chris went to go and see what had happened they just see one ghost they saw loads.

Chapter 3

At the back of the ghosts there was a pink gorilla and it was riding a bicycle and rose laughed in a funny way and then the funny looking pink gorilla started throwing a grand amount of bacon and eggs. Chris went to go and call GHOST BUSTERS and ghost busters even has a catchy theme tune. Just then the EVIL baby ghost went and threatened to throw the Gorillas bacon and eggs. Rose Just had to see what he neighbourhood had to say about this horrible and freaky house. When she was done asking people about the house they were living in instead of her taking the really, really long way she simply took the short cut around the block! Half way there she saw the EVIL baby ghost!

Chapter 4
When Rose ran through the forest thinking she was going to die all she could see was water and she tried to swim through to swim through it and she saw all of her memories of when she was a baby. Before she knew it her memories where drifting away, so she started to chase them. She took a breath and noticed she could breath the water, as she carried on swimming though it she saw her first birthday. After a few minuets had gone by she reached the end of the special water path. She reached her garden path and saw her dad still giving a ugly face and the dancing pink gorilla.

Chapter 5
Rose said to her dad “dad stop it is only a gorilla!”5 minuets later the gorilla came out of the shed and started to push the bike into the ground. Rose said “That is IMPOSSIBLE!” By dawn the next day, the gorilla was still pushing the bike through the ground. Suddenly the evil baby ghost walk through Rose,and said “I would run if I was you” .” why” replied rose 1 minuet later the kind ghost came and said “go away leave the poor girl and her dad alone” (The kind and evil ghosts had fallen out so the kind ghost went and played with another ghost called Caitlin and the evil ghost went and played with a ghost called Matilda) And the ghosts went there separate ways, after 2/3 years Rose and her dad had moved to London the ghosts annoyed the new owners.

Oak Class @Bristol Trip 2014

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Dance festival zombie make-up!

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This is the dance, can you spot the zombie make up disappear mid performance…?

Your homework…

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Thank you for sending in your homework, below are the ones I have received so far via email and iMessage:

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Half term homework!

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Over half term I have asked you to create a drawing, picture or video. We looked at and talked about mixing everyday objects with art and changing everyday scenes. Below are some of the examples we looked at:

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There are lots of ways you can get this homework to me by the Monday back after half term, these include:

Uploading to the blog
Emailing or iMessaging – to the class email or school email.

Print and bring in
Stick, draw, create and bring in

I will upload any I get over half term so you can see what everyone else has been up to.

Have fun and have a lovely half term everyone.

Aaron – Awongaleema story

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One misty and froze morning a zoo came to a amazing town. There where 3 animals in the zoo very confused. There were a parrot/lion/giraffe they were very confused because they use to live in the happy jungle. But they got caught when they were asleep and they pecked and bit and scrammed and roared. But they wouldn’t let go, there were dozens of vans carrying every animal on earth. They arrived at the outskirts of town. It was so large that it pushed against the tree of the great woods. In the middle of the zoo was a 3 dizzy animals and trying to make a plan to escape the lion should go and fined how we got here okay go on go then and then he went. In the giraffe tower there was three animals Saying “I miss home.” “I know how to fix this. We have to go to my cousin parrot (that is the cousin to the other parrot in this story). The name of the parrot is Charlie.” He is in The crocodile Lair is across the street to this glowing drain and then it is a horrible dirty pool at the bottom. But sometimes he’s sneaky because he comes up behind you. “Okay got it” “yes got it” “this is a very kind and happy giraffe said the lion. So off you go then Sumba and off he went and he got to the Crocodile Lair and he gets how to get out. A poacher comes and says oh you get out from the Crocodile Lair now. So he ran but he forgot it because he fell into the Piranhas Lair.


The way to get out of this place but how to get out  because it is very hard to remember but the way to get out is behind the tree. Then the x marks the spot to dig and then swim through the swamp. And then your friends eating some better meat.

But he go’s back and says I forgot  it sos that’s okay and. Then the giraffe went because he was tall  so he could fined how to get back and see. Where the crocodile Lair is right I got how to get out thank you  so the giraffe went home but he fell in a ditch because she can’t see well because she is big. So she got back and said sos I forgot the way to get out of this place. Then you go parrot and this time don’t forget it okay. I’ve got it now I’m going okay bye friends I’m finally here I’m am at last right what. Is the way to get out cousin tell me please im trapped. But couldn’t you just fly out no because they put barbwire up there. Okay got how to get out okay bye cousin so headed to the giraffes tower and said. I know how to get out and everybody said how and the parrot said its behind the tree. Then  you dig where the x marks the spot. Then when you dig the x up you have to swim in the swamp and then. You have got there and then you can be playing with your friends again. Okay got it okay I’ve got it lets go so they dig the hole and swam. To the happy jungle so they were playing with there friends again and having abundant of better meat. THE END

keanes awongalema

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One scolding hot cup final day some footballers had a problem. Their shiny new cup match football was stuck in a magic cabinet. The only way to open the cabinet was to say the magic word stood around the cabinet was a crowd of fans, the arsenal mascot and the manger .The fans were   amazed and they said” now will the game go on?” The manger was surprised and said” who could of done this?” The mascot said” I have heard of a place called man city that know everything they must now the name to the cabinet”. The crowd decided to go first because if one person lost the name then another person might just remember the name. So the crowd roared and on there way they got into a fight but they carried on going and they said” to the guard can we see the manger please when they met the manger the crowd said what is the password of the magic cabinet he said AFC! Ok got it  they made a bet about who would win the match and they forgot the name because they was more interested  on the bet. And they got back the manger said” what is the name?” and the crowd said” we’ve forgot the name so the manger said I will go and nothing got in his way. When” he went and said” how could  they of lost the name and he got there and he said “to the guard can I see the manger and he came out and the manger said” what” is the name to the cabinet ?and” he said” it is AFC! And “the manger said” got it and on his way back he met a dog and it was starving hungry so he gave it some food and he was so concentrated on the dog he forgot the name and when he got back the mascot said” what is the name and he said forgot. What you forgot! So” the mascot said” I will go and of he went on his way he met a man” and the man said” hello and the” mascot said” can’t stop for a chat got to go and he got there and he said” to the guard “can I see the manger and he said” to the manger what is the name” and the manger said “it is AFC so the mascot went back and he met a man again and he said what is your name so he pegged it and he got back and said the name is AFC so they said AFC and the football came out and they lived happily ever after




were 6 1 to Arsenal


Ellie’s found some great info!

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What a fab information sheet Ellie has brought in today!


Well done Ellie, great work! 🙂

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Today we will be looking at some examples of love letters from examples

More examples (images) 


Last year we did something similar :


Oak Class 2013 examples

Oak Class 2013 examples 2 

Baileys zombies doll

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Ellie zombie phone

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Matt c evil boy

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Martha zombie burger

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Outbreak – News Flash!

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We had our first news flash today, find it below:

More information on this Cholera outbreak can be found below:
Zimbabwe cholera ‘an emergency’

Zimbabwean cholera outbreak

For us to send aid and stop the outbreak in Zimbabwe we need to get 5 people to each of the aid giving countries….


Chloe & Joel’s cup songs

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Tom’s cup song!

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Graces cup song (I’m singing too!)

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Well done Grace, excellent work.

Mr Edwards

Christmas Homework

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We have two tasks to do over the Christmas break.

1) Lots of reading, remembering to record it in your new reading record.

Remember to include the date and the pages you read each time.

2) To practise the ‘Cup song’ routine and think about other songs we could sing to the same beat.

Below is a useful tutorial to help:

You can email me or upload a video to our blog to share your progress but it’s not vital.

Practise makes perfect.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year.

Mr Edwards

Wow, fab practising videos…

Randoms to write random ramblings…

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Dance routines

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Dance routines:

Caitlin’s dance routine:

Grace’s dance routine:

Oscar’s dance routine:

Tom’s dance routine:

Charlie’s dance routine:

Maddie’s dance routine:

Ellie’s dance routine:

Megan & Mia’s dance routine:

Isaac’s dance routine:

Matthew’s dance routine:

Martha’s dance routine:

Joel’s dance routine:

Chloe’s dance routine:

Half term – Homework

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We talked about the two homework tasks at school before we broke up, below is a summary to help you remember.

Task 1) Create a short dance routine – 10 seconds.

Task 2) A piece of art or picture made up of layers.

Science – All about sound

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The website I would like you to use for todays science session is the one below:


Music video routine

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Lakers Gym has been great!

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