the very good girl

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Once a upon a time someone called fin ran up the red rock hard mountain and when he reached the other side it was raining so he got out his umbrella and started to climed down he saw a butaful girl and he was flouting with her in joy.
when he went past her he said.”meat me at beefeater tonight at twelve.

at twelve the girl had a idea to out smart her by not appearing at beefeater but taxing him saying I am sick.
when he herd it he went over the cold wet damp mountain and went home.

the end.

bethey boop

one sunny day bethey boop got a dog his name was hard rock he was kind .my friends are called lily and Ashley they are great hard rock loves them so much . his old oner was going to drop him of a mountain luckily i was there to catch him. i said to then i’ll take him home in sted of you killing him. so i walk home with him in my arms . it started to rain so i got my umbrella wich was red we are having so much fun . one day out of the blue he died i berred in the most amazing grave yard in irerland every moth i floated on a boat the end


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One sunny day as I stood in the long queue I saw a controller that was black and blue so I picked it up and shouted I’ve got to get this so I brought it and quickly smashed it open but then I saw a blue glowing bracelet and paused and hesitated so i put it on with the controller in my hand !  and toggled the joystick and suddenly jumped out the window and landed on a tall tree by the pavement so I quickly climbed   down and ran into my house and chucked my controller in the soggy clothes and dozed off to sleep. In the morning I slowly went to grab the controller but then I slipped and fell into the stinky clothes grabbing the controller i grabbed the band and smashed it. And lived happily ever after


ashley 100wc

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As I joined the queue I saw a juicy big apple sat on the self,waiting for me to eat it but you are not aloud to eat in the shop so I brute the juicy red apple.What was sat on the self in the loud shop,


So I drove home and sat down on my blue chair and had a cup of tea and watched a TV show it was a funny show so I got to bed and herd a funny nose but it was just my cat.So I got back to bed and got to sleep.

The end by Ashley



Once upon a time there was a lion that was exiting because, it danced  wast playing the corn flake drum. Ovisly  it was the land of toys, no other land was like this.  Toys raled the land.  Theye made rawls , and concerd quests! Once a year they held a concert in the tawn squere. This year the lion that was exiting thate danced wast playing the corn flake drum.  The lion got tresherd and treated. HE hopt skipt and jumpt back home. Sudenly a party popper popt, “SUPRISE!”  They parted all day and night,but dident get tiyard. Singin,dansing and jumping, dancing to the beet of the music.



emilys 100wc

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One day my cousin Amy came over and brought fizzy sweets over so we sat down to eat them I had strawberry while Amy had blueberry the strawberry turned out to be tangy strawberry so it my tongue tickle. We both had a sip of water then went on snap chat for 10 minutes and the rest. At 6:00 we got on our pyjamas s and then watched a movie called LOST AT SEE. then at 9:00 we went to bed then wend on snap chat again the finally went to sleep and then woke up again to talk coming 9:30 we went to sleep.


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one day a girl called Emily was in her house. when her mum went to work when her mum go to work he will jump on the sofa. and grab lots of food but when she got sum food she hard a nous. in the live room she poet her head in butwen the door but it made my tong tingle. she looked and she so a goast on the sofa waching tv .and he was waching goast moves so she ran up sters and the goast ran after her. then the goast came in her room then she sead to the goast do you want to be frends yes siad the goast so thay lived happliy eve after .

the end

gemma b 100 wc

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Once upon a time there lived a little boy and girl the boy would be up in the morning on his xbox. While the girl would be watching tv. They were two lazy kids but the girl will go out side and help the dad.Right let me tell you about the dad.The dad would be out side on a sunny day.

Let me tell you all about what he,s makeing he is making a lob cabing sorry ive got go to the dentist now ill see you later.

Im going to tell you about the dentist, he gave me this nise juce but it made my tongue tingle.

In the next story im going to tell you whats going to happen.

the end by gemma b

Gemma h 100 wc

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Once upon a time there lived a little boy and girl they lived in a little cottage the name of the cottage was bluebell cottage they went on a little walk in the woods ahead of them they saw an adorable kitten it was a tabby it looked so cute they decided to take him home because by the look of it he didn’t have a home.Lets go to the shops to get  some treats,a bed and some toys when they got home they put all the cat things in but it made my tongue tingle because what if the kitten didn’t like it they named him Sam.


In the next hundred word challenge ill finish it

The End by gemma h


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But it made my tongue tingle when she eat the sour sweets she bought from the sweet sweet  shop.  her name was poppy, she was so spoilt little girl.She had 3000 friends she lived in USA. She lived in a castle that was white,blue and purple.  Her bed and everything  like her furniture and her TV  and cooker were also blue white and purple. One day on a Friday poppy whose best friends were called Louise and Zoe  saw a new boy James and Sam  they became friend with them.But that day they had a maths test and  helped poppy.  She didn’t become spoilt and they did practise doing stuff all the time


One day my friend Ellie came up my house and we had some sweets, we had chocolate buttons, american hard gums, milk duds and we had cookie dough milkshakes and skittle milkshakes.Also we done a toxic waste challenge they was so sour it made our tongues tingle.After we played a board game Ellies Favourite is elefun and monopoly mine are guess who and monopoly after we then had tea Ellie asked for chicken nuggets that’s our favourite then we had pudding I love cookie dough ice cream so that’s what I had Ellie had her favourite chocolate fudge cake after we went in my tent in the back garden and we gave Scamp Lucy and Daisy a cuddle by the time we had finished it was time for Ellie to go home so me and my dad took her home and she didn’t want to go home she loved my house.After we had taken her back me and my family sat down and watched some telly then me and my sister went to watch telly in bed we went to bed at 9 0 clock then we watched telly until 11 0 clock after that it was time to go to bed then my mum went to bed.WE HAD A GREAT DAY! THE END !

molly 100 words

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One day I woke up with my sister after 5 minutes we got ready to go to the park for a picnic. When we were ready we told mum and then we went. One the way  I got kidnapped we were so so so scared. All of a sudden I felt a

strong blow against me but it made my toung tingle and then I got supper powers  that made me as strong as could be so I snapped the bars of the cage. After I got out I got my sister out and we both ran as fast as we could to get back home. when we were home we went rushing to mum to tell her. she called the police and we were safe.

by molly h


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One day I had popping candy but as it tingled it spawned a popping candy monster. The only way to defeat it was to eat it but i said no.  But it was the only way to deafeat it befor it takes over the hole world. So i done it so i got to it. It took me one hour but arfter that my mouth was popping like mad so a drank some water witch helped a lot. Then i went to have a smothie at Mr E shop witch is really nice.  then i went home to have a bbq i had a hot dog…..

And a burger THE END


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Once upon a time there were twins called Charlie and Hannah.

Charlie has a pet dog and Hannah has a pet giant rabbit.

One day they let the door open to let some air come in to the house, but the pet dog and rabbit ran striate ought  the door when there backs were turned. When they realised the pets where gone they didn’t panic  but it made there tongues tingle. Luckily they lived in the cuntre side, SO they looked in the meadow and fawnd the rabbit, then they looked in the woods and fawned the dog. They  set home and had a relaxin hot choclat and biscuit.

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One day my best friend Caitlin cam over for my Christmas party and soon we was going to tern the Christmas lights on and when we terned them on caitlin said oh my god they are so so bright and terned the music on and we danced away and then we went up in my room and played with my ipad then we went out side to play in the snow it was so so fun we had a snow ball fit and we bilt a snowman i loved caitlin coming over i would love it if she was my sister .


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The lost dogs

Once upon a time there were twins called Molly and Megan.

Molly and Megan  where going on holiday.

Five awers later they where at the holiday cottig.

Whast there mum and dad was  un  loading the car Molly and Megan went to ixplor.

Molly and Megan went in to the cottig to sea what was there.

They trnd the citchin light on and the light was so bright thay cold not sea.

Then there mum and dad trnd the light off.

Then thay ixplord the woods and fawnd a big cag  whithone mum and one dad dog whith twenty puppys.

Thay took them bake to the cottig and sad to there mum and dad”can we ceap them.” There mum and dad sead we can ceap them.



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One day there was a light which was so bright it shone like a some ones eyes feflekting from the light  as bright  it was so bright  my eys   began to water.

the water dripped  on   the  light blue jumper  dripping thhrow the blue sweter  with was   mad out of cotan wull.  The teer dripped  down to the  hard ground   soled ground  on to the pavement  and down the derty drayn   and into the derty water  splashed and half of the water fell out the deep and dark drayn   bam splash  waters evry things gone   im so sad no water

Chelsea’s 100wc

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The gargoyle part 3


When Charlotte finished she called Mckenzie to come and collect it.


When Mckenzie and Mercedes got to the tailor shop, Charlotte gave them the dress and said to Mckenzie,

“Be careful with the dress I made it so you would look beautiful for your party.”

Mckenzie nodded gently.

Mckenzie and Mercedes left for the party, when they got there she saw the most handsome man in her life.

She walked over to him and said

“What is your name young fellow?”

“Damian” he replied kindly.

“That’s a lovely name” said Mckenzie.

Mckenzie went to dance but Damian stopped her and said

“Will you dance with me?”

Mckenzie blushed.


To be continued………

molly s 100WC

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The light  was so bright  it  made   Hope  was  playing  in the park.Hope went to here house to see here dog that is called scamp and here mum and dad .She went to bed then it was the next day .Hope went to here school she had PE and maths .She went  home with her friend Millie .When hope got home she took scamp for a walk  she came back  .It was Hopes  birthday  she had 100  people coming to her birthday  party so they had to do it at her  castle  .when she was older she lived in her castle.

































bethany 100wc

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one day in a far a wau calas there was a prinsse called ashaly and her dog called hope and thay live biue a vili in drybrook and the villigas are cind and plesunt and the sun is sow prit ove the drybrook vilig sky and the dog is sow swet she nevr bitse the prinsse is so nise he lets the people do wote they wont but her dad cine dean dont let the people do wote they wonte because he is so strict but hope mum quneen kate lets the people dowt wot they wont but her dad is nufing like the hope and kate but the next day hope tokt to her dad about lating the vilingrs dowe wot the wont and he did the end

hopes 100wc

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One sunny morning i woke up and went down stairs,i walked into the living room and the light was so bright it nearly blinded me.When i finished my breakfast i went upstairs to get changed,because i was going to meet my friend Bethany with my mum.We went to the park and we went to have a meal Bethany said “where shall we go for dinner,” “i said lets go to McDonald.” She shouted “i love McDonald!” So in he end we went we took are mums and when we had finished we went back to Bethany’s house to play.We had an amazing time we went to take her dg for a walk and when it was time for me to go home she dropped me and my mum off.

Gemma.B 100wc

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It was a sunny morning when i woke up. Suddenly my sister Zosia came in i was seprised that she came in and said why are you in your cloes .

“I said the light was bright so i went and got chanshed” then i went down for breakfast and” my mum said whats going on and” i said i dont no “then mum “said come on i no you ve had a hard time at school” and i was like what do you meen” mum said you have been in bed for over an our now go to school “and they lived happily ever after the end.


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One amazing day a little girl named Olive woke up, and sore it was snowing.         Excitedly, she jumped out of bed and went down stairs,  and put on her gear.

As she opened the door the sun beamed on her the light was so bright she steeped out side and built a snowman.

Happily, excitedly, Olive jumped in the snow crazily as she was playing her friends came over and asked if they were aloud to play with her.

And they all they all played together happily they all built snowmen.

And they all lived happily ever after the end.


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Once a upon a time there was a boy called jack and he liked to play in the snow and get reley muddy and lived alone and had not a dad ore a mum attale so when it was it was so bright he went to play in the sun so he was to hot he went to the rever to get a drink to take home jack went to bed and in the moring he went back outside to play a gen and he went to get a drink a gen and went to bed a gen and he lived happy a gen ever after

The end

molly H 100wc

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Bright, sunny, sleepy, i woke up one and the light was so bright i hid underneath my bed cover it was a surprised to see my best friend i was so happy to see her i had not seen her for  sins 2014 i had missed her so so much. But after we had caught up with each other we realised that there was a little world right behind us so, we went to check it out in the world there was a load of really cue puppy dogs me and molly could not resist our self s from.

to be continued




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