Gemma.H 100wc

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It was a snowy morning all on the rooftops where white and people were slipping over all the slushy white snow it was a snowy morning

all the children were out and about playing and making as little kids should then all so quick down of the roof came old saint nick. He had a light the light was so bright that the little girl couldn’t see then the little girl saw it wasn’t Christmas he said he came to see who’s been good he laughed with a smile you’ve been good so next Christmas you will get a present so off she went and they lived happily ever after The End.

archies 100 word

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Early morning I got up at 6.00 clock and I had my chocolate calender and It was Christmas eve and I was so existed. I went on my ps4 all day and it got to night time so I went to bed. when I got up I ran down stairs and the …the light was so bright so I jumped  on him and he got and then we played in till my mum and dad got up and when they got up we opened my presents and I got things so them  I played on them all day. THE END to be continued…….

caitlins 100 word

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Excitedly on Tuesday my best friend Kelsey was coming round.Then finally Kelsey arrived at my house because we have only just had are dining room light changed me and Kelsey went in the dining room we turned the light on and then we both said to each other “that lights to bright.”Then me and Kelsey was so so surprised when nice thick snow came flying out of the sky it was so pretty.Me and Kelsey quickly rushed to put our shoes on then we ran out the door and started laughing and smiling at each other we built a snowman and had a snow ball fight it was the best day ever.

Megans 100 Word!!

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One awesome day a girl called Poppy was roaming around her bedroom in her bright blue,stripy pyjamas.Oh did I forget? Well.. Poppy lives in a mansion,her parents own thousands or even a billion!Poppy has loads of pretty clothes, Poppy was a fashion sista! “Poppy its 11AM you can go down the stairs!” Poppy’s mum shouted, so Poppy ran down the stairs and turned the light on. The light was SO bright!But Poppy did not care. She lived in this house for 8 years! ‘What should I do now??’ Poppy thought.. ‘Oh.. Yeah lets watch TV!’ So Poppy sat on the golden,comfy,shiny sofa THE END!!

Ryan wc

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One day ther was a old garnet walking In the words whif his jakerosoll and her walkin stic as shestaritid to walk then a bor came then she ran done the hill and sed help help ples Ioll do enfey but Then now one ansered. Kept running. And again again then she got callt becas she tripd over a big rock then the man how was tring to get her pot her in his van and tok her to his hos then the man and the ladey got Marie and had lods of money to then livd lappley ever afder

Archie 100wc

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As he started they ran throw the forest I was running a long way and I was starting to get tired so hid some were.they walked very slow past so I ran home and played. Amazingly, I forgotten what happened yesterday so I went to the park to play with my friends it was Christmas eve so I was very, very , excited so now it is night time. when I got up I ran down stairs and sore lots of amazing presents so my brother got up but my mum and dad didint get up so me and my brother played intill mum and dad got up they and happly ever after.

100 word calleng bailey

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Lazy dropsy fat there was a old man and a little boy as they started to go for a jog at mallards pike . Way back home the baby was playing on gta5 and after that the baby barite a subru to drive around 0n the moter way going to KFC. back at the walk A DUCk GOtTH e little boy so por old man he hat to go to a thrunarel for he one boys sake. The baby got all the cripst in the covers to eat after drink all the fizzy drinks in the shop to drink

freya’s 100wc

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Once there was a girl called lily who had no mum so she lived with her dad. But one day her dad went out to sea to study the Great White shark. But did I tell you that her mum got bitten at sea she didn’t get to hospital in time so she died. She was on her on her own on the island but she did have her friends Selkie the sea lion and fred the lizard. Suddenly, thier enemy came the buccaneer ship so they worked together to make the island horrible they won and lived happy and nice.


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One day a little boy was walking in the deep scary big dark wood.And when he was walking he heard a rustle in the bush and it was a tiny rabbit so he decided to take it home.Then he kept it for a cute pet then he went out to get some food for the rabbit.
Wet dark scary the shop was dim and no shop keeper so he just took it then he went to KFC. then he went home to feed him but Before he opened the door the rabbit was dead and the boy was scared and up set so he put the dead body in the bin and that was the End…

kelsey 100 word 2015

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One new years eve, there was a party going to start at midnight, there was people knocking at the door. With a little gift or some thing it was three ours in tile midnight so they just sat down and watched the game.They had a couple of bears and a our went past so then it was too ours to go the game ended because the power went of the man was so angry, mad, furious and then it came back on and it was midnight and as he started the party started.The put banging music on and it was very loud rock star music, it was so loud it burst the man,s ear drums but when he started to sing the all sing. THE END

One new years eav every one was partying, then as the boy started  to danceas the boy started they all started like they always do.The little girl woke from her dream, she thought that all of it was real but as the day went on she got very scaird because what she dreamed of was all coming real.At the end of the day every one was partying then as the boy started to dance but she felt like she was in a dream again because as he started tarted the rest of them started.

then she woke up again so both of those days were all a dream it was like her worst night mare who nows what is happening…

(  :    by molly 🙂


Charlotte.W’s 100wc

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As he started they looked and ran,the people from the other side of the village did not recognise him,he didn’t know why then he looked at himself in a crazy little mirror.Shocked,scared,devastated, “how did this happen to me I look like a prince but why? I don’t want to!” Then he thought why am I here,the only last thing I remember is falling asleep last night in the rainforest.Anyway he didn’t care how he looked so he got up bashed his foot and stormed off to go see how he ended up back at his village. Unusually he picked up the mirror and smashed it against his knee then he went and stepped foot into the rainforest all he could see were tree’s grass and rain animals,but then he saw something extraordinary “it’s a girl” he was out-mazed by the beauty on the girl’s blossoming face.He was so tired he daydreamed about the girl,but he thought it was no time for romance he had to get the reason why he woke up in his village so he kept travelling against the twisted concrete path.After all the gibber-jabber he found out it was cause the girl walked him home then someone must’ve texted him saying that the same girl that was lying in the rainforest got knocked out.



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As she stard they saw her and started to chase after her she ran into a old mans barn the man was called dave / digger he had lots of diggers green red evry couler. They was very rer traters then in that time so the old man was happy to have the lot traters.
Topbord tom chated to old man dave diggers and his wife an the wich wached chanle 5 news with friends marged and ted. Continued to wach caanle 5 news the presenter was kidnapped by by the people who ran after margret.

Anouska 100wc

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On a snowy Christmas Eve the children hang there stockings up and put there Christmas tree up ready for Christmas day.  Ollie was the first to get and went down stairs to open his presents , as he started they all crept up behind him and shouted “SURPRISE!”Ollie was surprised that they were all down stairs.    They all opened there presents one by one having a really lovely Christmas     after opening there presents they put there wet gear on to go out side to build snowmen and did snow angels. And they all lived happily ever the end

By Anouska

one day there was a dog and the dog was called alse and the oner was called hope .wund day thay was wocing in the wood and when they got home they fawnd a duck wocking in there garud then they started to follow the duck .and as they started to follow the duck the dog fal sow hope the oner went to gat the vet told hope that she was have a pupe hope was shoct .the next day the dog was dorn and they called alse and she was cuot and cudley and it was a he .as he stared they hugt the pupe it fal a slep the end

new year story by SG

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31 December 11:58


I was nominated by the queen, to do the firework display and I had the biggest part! The people next two me were my best of friends, Ashley and Archie. ( Kinda ironic both of my friends begin in A)



Ok everyone in the London eye are setting up the fireworks up ready for 12:00. every one had about 100o fireworks.


20 seconds till new years


I was setting my fie works alight and reading the labels incace the fireworks are eleagle,fireing my matches ready for 12:00 


10 seconds till new year


setting the fireworks of is hard work  learned that from expearience then



Archie was messing around and as he started goofing around the fireworks they blinded him !!!!!!!!!!!!!


the fireworks went on it was the prettiest thing since the last Aphrodite sighting I fall in love but I needed  concentration two set the fire behind the London eye off


new years day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it was a success new year was a success except for the blinding.

hopes 100wc

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One day a boy called Jake woke up on Christmas morning , he didn’t want to open his presents he was waiting to give his mum and dad theirs.But as he started they called him to ask where he was going.His parents let him go up stairs he come down with a large box for each of them , they opened it to see an amazing little puppy.The mum had a girl and the dad had a boy they took them for a walk and they were so good they got a treat.They bought them a lovely bed each and all they need to be healthy they also got some goodies.

ashley 100 word

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There was a boy called Seb and he liked billding stuf but as he started there.  Was a noce that came from the sky and he went to fly to the sky to find out what it was but he didnot see eneything.  At all so he went back down to the billdings he herd it a gen  so he went back.Home and startid to billed more.Stuf  and he sore a beird and he said hello to him but he said nuthing at all chascd him.And he led him to a billding and went inside and sore a man on a step and said hello.The End

Emily s 100wc

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Once upon a time there lived a girl and her name was Emily. She    had a annoying little brother called Sam. He tormented her so she was in agony. The next day it was Emily’s Birthday. Emily got a puppy. She took her wonderful trot. Because he was eds such a good boy Emily gave him a treat. The next day it was Sams birthday he got a xbox three sixty. He playd on it all day. As he started to go to sleep they went out side to go have a gaze at the stars.





caitlin 100wc

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As he started they all started to walk, when they finally reached the woods they took the wrong turning and they ended up going on a track they have never been on before. There was long grass, stinging nettles and even little brooks. So we all had to jump over the brook, it was small and there was a really wet slippery log and we held hands and we got across all the brooks. They realised they got a bit lost then they saw the main track again so they had a really long walk it was so so fun.

Gemma b 100wc

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It was christmas time and it was the night before christmas day a little girl couldnt stop thinking what she would get for christmas. She was so excited . Here brother thomas dosent like christmas atall and i cant stop saying to him when the time comes it will feel like christmas when your are opening your presants and eating christmas dinner it will feel really christmasy then. But now it was time to wake up and time to open up all the presants and i went to see my  brother and as he looked around they were all in there mum and dad  and we lived happely ever after. Gemma

Gemma H I00WC

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It was Christmas Eve and all the children were hanging up their stockings and placing by the warm fire was a glass of sherry and eight carrots for the reindeer.Everybody was so excited about the morning when they rush down the staircase to see what they got for Christmas.All Of the Children were tucked up in bed while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads as he started they crept downstairs and to a surprise their stocking was filled with presents and under the Christmas tree was even more presents they started opening their presents and they lived happily ever after

THE END Gemma Ann

Ellies 100 word challenge

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Amazing, pretty, angry A little boy was walking through a swamp he saw this animal in the water but he didn’t know what it was so he walked into the water.The animal creped out of the water and bit his leg and when he jumped out of the water the little boy had some skin missing and his leg was bleeding all all over the side of the swamp. He was shouting mum and dad because he was very hurt he realised that he had his phone in his pocket so he rang his mum and told her the story.

🙂    🙂     🙂

:  )   THE END  🙂

🙂      🙂   🙂

On Christmas eve,A boy named Davie was excited for Christmas. So his parents sent him to bed at 7 o’clock, so they tucked him into bed and Davie was dosing off to sleep. So his parents crept into their bedroom and dosed off too.Davie was dreaming about what he might get for Christmas About a hour later it was Christmas!! So the family woke up, and went down the stairs Davie was going to open his presents. As he started they.. Stopped him “Davie, open your presents off us first..” The Parents said. “We want you to meet someone..” Santa was hiding around the corner.. “Ho ho ho!! Merry Christmas Davie!!” “Santa!!” Davie Shouted.

The End.

Ellies 100 word challenge

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One day I  was walking through  the woods with my friends Molly.  The leaves rustled as we walked along to the shops  to get a pint of milk.So when we got the pint of milk we went to my house to give it to my mum.But  she wasn’t there so I  said to my friend Molly where is she so me and my  friend.  Ran out of the front door and by the front door was three burgalers  and me and my friend said to the burgalers “what have you done with my mum” the burgalers said “we’re not telling you”.


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There was a boy running in the forest and was hiding but as the leaves were rustling they found him and took him away to a house. He ran away and went back to his house and played all day.When I had to get up I played intill it was time to play football for Ross. We won three two and I scored the first goal! After that I went to Aaron house and played on the ps3 on minecraft,gta and fifa 15. So we were on it for a hours in till I went home and went to bed that is my story. The end.

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