Meganc 100wc

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Once upon a time there were twins calld Olie and Max.  Olie and Max has 2 sistars calld Maisy and Poppy. Poppy is nine and Masiy is ninteen. Olie sad to Poppy and Maisy “do you wunt to play crikit” yes sad Poppy but Masiy sad in ten minits I am panting my tose. Ten minets lator Masiy cam awt.  So wat are we playing a gen? We are playing crikit na sad Masiy.  Masiy sad tomoroe lets go and see that creepy casale. Masiy went in the haws and watcht telivishan. Poppy cam in and sad”you are ment to be at street dance” I sad this weck I am not going. Sevan a cloke thay went to bed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   To be continyood.


Bethany 100 word

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Once upon time there was a girl ,she had blonde hair, blue eyes and hir name was Ashley then she hear a big noise she went to look wot the big noise was then she sore it was a ghost suddenly the ghost got her she screamed and screamed to get wot of the ghost arms then the ghost took ashley a way to his dungeon then a nit came to save she but the ghost sore him so Ashley and the nit run and ran from the ghost but the ghost chip over a root then the ghost got up .

100wc Anouska

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Once upon a time there lived a girl called Charlotte ,she was nine years old. she was walking in the woods on her own .

She came across a dark figure  it was scary Charlotte ran as fast as she could but there was know way out the gats were shut she was running around the park crazily she still clouded get out Charlotte was running around the park all night  in the morning she was so tired that she was soloing down abit. And more,more intill she stopped then she looked around and she sore the figure and grabbed her and she stared to scream.

to be continued…….


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One day to girls called Louise and Chloe and there little dog Zosia  went for a walk in the wood. But then there dog barked woof woof  they looked around and they seen a freaky which aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they screamed then they ran home.When they got home there mum said”ive got you a magazine all about wiches. When they said we seen a freaky wich mum didn’t beleve it then Clouie said that’s the wich there were dus that wich live in the casell on the top of mount evera can we go there mum.Well I sop’s we could said mum.


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My                  Big                 Story


One day two girls and a dog lived in a little cottage there names were Chloe and Nancy and the dogs name was coconut.

The two girls decided to go on a walk in the woods.

So they set off with there dog when they got there they saw a ghost statue and it was really freaky as they got closer the statue moved aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh they screamed. So they ran home and hid under the bed and coconut barked.Then they looked out of the window and to there amazement   they saw a man so they ran over to him and said “Please can you help us we just went into that woods over there and saw a ghost.

kelsey 100wc horror story

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One fogy Halloween a little boy was going trick or treating. He knocked on the door a man with a long black cape opened the door the boy said..”trick or treat” the man said “come on in my little one” the boys hart stoped. He was scered the man said “wood you like some sweets “the boy said”no I shoode be getting home now.”
“oh why dont you sty” “because I am hungry,” the boy said.
but I am not but are you talling me that you want to eat me no no no I think you are the boy ran and ran. “The man said you can run but you cant hid “.


Once upon a time there were two little girls and their names are Mckenzie and Mercedes.

One day when Mckenzie woke up Mercedes was crying in her bedroom, Mckenzie went to investigate.

When Mckenzie got in Mercedes bedroom there was a man wearing black clothes Mckenzie thought about who it was.

“Now I remember, it was a gargoyle they come to give people nightmares.” Mckenzie explained.



To be continued…

One day I went out to have a picnic in the woods.All of a sudden a big ghostly nois came from behind the tree I went to see what it was.As I stepped closer and closer the sound got louder and louder I got so scared.But I did not go back to my mum I wanted to find out where the nois is coming from.I was about one meter away Thats when I got so scared that i nearly gave up but didn’t because I wanted my mum to be safe.I was just about a step away and then I …

The scare by hope

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One day I was walking in the woods then all of a sudden there was a spooky sound.As I was walking straight ahead I saw a big black thing.I didn’t know what it was so I walked the other way then when I was walking the other way the black thing appeared again.So I Just walked home when I got back the time was very late so I had to go to bed. When I woke up in the morning I went to the woods again for a walk this time I didn’t see the big black thing but just as I walked on the black thing appeared …

Archie 100wc horror of death

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In one big forest a boy was by his self walking in the forest. He was scared. He was walking throw leaves, every time he took a step he stopped to look around to see if anyone is following him he carried on walking in till a bush moved and he tort in his head he is being he sore a statue and a man walked past and the boy said what is that statue and the man said” it is there because some one got killed there so he carried on and he saw a massive castle.

Ellie’s Horror story

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One day there was  eleven year old girl’s was hanging out at the park, they took three small steps and the leaves crunching as they stood on them.They was looking around to see if anyone is watching them,  they turned there head left and then right and then somebody walked out of the park pub, and they started to walk to us.I  bellowed “run” so all of my friends  began to run out of the park gate, and because my house was near the park my friends and I ran to my house, and shut the door.But they was banging on the door and my friends and I was home alone, because my mum had gone shopping


To be continued…

Caitlins100wc horror story

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One spooky night,I went for a walk in the forest, it was very dark and horrible.I saw a spooky ghost in between too trees and it kept staring at me his eyes, followed me and it began to get very scary.Then he began to start punching the tree and then finally it fell down on him I thought he would of died but he dint.His powers were to good he punched a hole in the tree, he climbed out it was Halloween as well, so it just kept getting spookier and spookier it was a horrible night.




Abbie  changed her mind she wanted to go to her favourite woods, one thing about this wood that Abbie loved was a beautiful lilly pad pond. She has to walk 4 miles but Abbie did not care, she was a active person.Your thinking about Megan? Well she likes to be lazy. Abbie was walking across the dark gloomy forest she did not care, she loved her day dreamy forest she came to the forest when she was little she used to go there every-day! Abbie was almost close to the lilly pad pond. But a strange figure jumped into Abbies face! “AHH!” Abbie screamed




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Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Nancy she had lovely blonde hair and green eyes and her mother well she had glossy brown hair and blue eyes.”Mum can I go for a walk in the lovely green meadow “yes”said her mother.So Nancy set off into the green meadow.When she got there she heard a monkey of course she didn’t know what it was at first but then she realized that it was a monkey and then she saw it.So she ran up to it and took the monkey in her arms and she named it coco.Coco was a baby monkey off course and Nancy would play with Coco when she had time.So the next day Nancy and Coco went on holiday and of course her mum.So  off they went in their car.Do you know where they went they went to Swan age. They.They stayed there for five day’s and they went to the cafe,beach and the arcade.”Time for bed”.Tomorrow we can go to the cafe for Breakfast.  So in the morning they went to the cafe and after that they went to the arcade and they lived happily ever after




THE                              END.


From Gemma Ann My best story ever


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Miss Baldwin is are teacher she is kind ,nice ,pretty and interesting .Then a dog came to her door suddenly a man came to the door and said have yow seen my dog no she said I haven’t seen yore dog sore I will look wot fore her dye said miss Baldwin and she shut the door .Then I came to miss Baldwin house and said cane I play with our doll and she said yes you can play with my doll thank you I said to miss Baldwin Yore the best techer ever . I’m glad your my teacher miss Baldwin.



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One day something terrible happened.A young girl called Megan went blind she got rushed to hospital after a terrible accident.I went to visit her and said “I’ll phone Bethany to come and look after you because I’ve got to go home.”She said “ok that’s fine”so I called Bethany “she said she’ll come as soon as soon as she can.”So I went back and told Megan but before Bethany could get there Megan went completely blind which was terrible.When Bethany turned up she said “why did you want me here”I said ” because Megan was going blind.”Then Bethany said “how terrible.”Megan had to go for a operation when the operation was finished a nurse came out and said “you can go and see her now .”So we went to see her she sat up in the hospital bed and said “I am able to see again”we said “brilliant that’s amazing.” Because she was able to see again she was aloud to come home and they lived happy ever after.


100wc Anouska

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Once upon a time I live in a small cottage,with my mum  I love to explore in the woods with my friends. The next day I was walking in the  woods on my own and I came across a dog it looked like it was angry at me. he through his body and scratched me in me eye . I  remembered that I had  some meat , so I through the meat then I ran  as fast as I could. Then I stopped I heard another sound it sounded just like that the dog again .Then I turned around it was that angry dog again I looked at it closely it had a bad paw that’s why it was getting angry at me the howl time so I took it home and it became my pet.THE END


Gemma b 100 wc

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poem and story                                                                                                
One day I was about to go on a wallk in the wood when I had my breakfast on the tabel I fogot all about it.Then I went for a wallk after so of I went into the wood and sang a poem. trees go swish and the tigers can wish pandas go bo dogs weres shoes and that is the end of the animals dos.Now im getting teiered I better go home now she said to her self so of she went home and when she got home she had a loveley cup of tea suddenly I was able to see again the animals that I seen in the wood. I was happy again. THE END .

kelsey 100wc

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One day, my mum went out to buy some pepper spray and she came back and she spraed the pepper spray evrywhere  and it went in my eyes and I was blind .We went to the optishons  and they sprad some stuf  in my eyes and they said in a cupall of weeks  hofly you will be able to see agien  and we went home sat on the sofa wached a littall bit of telly  and in six weeks I was able to see again mum said you have been such a good boy  I will tack you to KFC . and  the park  and will go and see  Nanny and then time for bed  you little monster .



Molly WC

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One morning I woke up and I could not see, I started to panic suddenly I was able to see again. I was so happy that that day because it was my birthday! I got lots of presents like a iPod, new cloths, lego and lots more. For my birthday party I had a joint party with my best friend Molly because her birthday was coming soon. My birthday party was a massive disco it was awesome, I nearly lost my breath because I was laughing so much. After a long exhausting   day  I fell fast asleep on my bed.

the end




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One cold morning,I went to take my dog for a walk and  I had to get the torch out of the kitchen so I could see again.At 2:00 clock suddenly I could see again perfectly.So I was happy and George the dog was happy to,then we went to the shop.To get dog food, dog biscuits and some food for tonight’s tea.   When we got home I gave the dog some food and a drink and started cooking are tea,we had carrots,potatoes and veg it was  yummy it was the best tea ever  me and my dog was happy and off we went to bed  what a hard days work.




joel 1000wc

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One day i lost my eye sight I could not see basic blind .I could not see nothing apart just black. After a fue i was abl to see agan it changed my life i culd see my garden and my flowars and i could waster my plants and see my kids/see my dog he looked extreemly happy and i could do any thing i wanted to do zip wiring ,rasing,and much more going bikeing wen i went biking i fell of a clif i went blind agen. at the hospitall i was in a speshal room with all the cer i could get ing me and Jack to help after i was ok.

One day lived a blind man called Jack every day at the eye optishion he was hoping for his blindness to go away.

This week he was so hopping but on Tuesday his blindness was gone he was so pleased he prayed thank you god.

Then the next day he was so happy he had dinner with his family, he was so exited he wanted to go to Lego land when he rode 3 rides he was sleepy so he stayed at the Lego hotel.

But the next day he was blind again but a man came along to help him called Riley put Jack in a hospital, the next morning he wasn’t blind any more



Ellie WC

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One day I was walking In the wood.With my dog In the wood at night I  had a flash light It turned off,suddenly It came back on  I was able to see again.I was so happy so then before it would turn off again  so I  walked home.When I  got home I told my mum that my flash light went out she said “oh really that was not a flash light that was a light candle”she said

“oh well it was a very light candle”then I  walked upstairs to tell my dad the story. He said wow Ellie your a good girl.THE END



Abbie and Megan finally got home to the yellow house Megan opened the door she took a deep breath.”That was long!” She said breathlessly

“Yes,It was,” Abbie said. Abbie  wasn’t  so breathless like Megan.  But a second or 2 later A vase crashed on Abbie

“ABBIE!!” Megan shouted, Caching her breath back.Suddenly I was able to see again.

“Im- Im OK!” Abbie said softly, “I thought I was blinded!”

“I was so worried!” Megan said sadly.

“Don’t worry about me!” Abbie said calmly,

Megan wanted to make Abbie happily but one thing before she done that she looked at Abbie’s left eye, There was a massive blue bruise, “You got a massive bruise!” said Megan even more panicky.

“OOH,QUICKLY! Get me a ice pack!” Abbie froze and panicked.

See what happen’s in chapter 5! 🙂

Anouska 100wc

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Once upon a time there lived a girl called Charlotte ,she lived with her mum.Her mum owned a zoo.Charlotte was only 8 years old .in the zoo   her mum had lots of pets in the zoo and there as a lot of animals and the animals were monkey a  , crocodiles , 5 hippos, 3  parrots , 100 horses,  12 sheepdogs 8 cats  , 7 birds.

we went around giving them food and they gave them carrots , apples , bird food . we had grate fun at the zoo. My friends drove home in my Jetta   as we were driving home we came across a buttifull  hotel and disided to stay there for the night .THE END


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