Ryan 100wc

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I went to fot bol land sumwan shortish so i tornt rond.
ia go win to ride my bike to day if my friend Sea .
im gown shopping today then gown to the scat prt do you wont to cum

ascend Seb. yes ples rplad Ryan.

Seb do you wont to slep over men on facyow sed Seb.

In lpone we will play on the xoboks ollday but  we will wotrch in the afdin.

We willgo in the wodss and gowovr the jups.

Iam gowin for abike red fif mydad on the  weck end.

thenIagowinto sholl and dowind worckthen go home



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Once upon a time there was a boy called Dan and has a crocodile called Poppy. Dan said”lets go to the beach.”Poppy said roar that means yes. Two awrss lator thay war at the beach. Thay wokte on the beach. Thay setald down. As Dan lookd arownd  Poppy was gone.  Dan was spechlass. Dan sad “Poppy”Dan shawted for one awar! Then sombody called Sophie said “wat are you doing.”Dan sad”I am looking for Poppy my crocodile.”” A crocodile I sow a crocodile in the sea” sad Sophie.Dan said thank you Sophie sad “yore welcom. ” Dan rushte to the sea.Dan said” oh Poppy you are so cheaki.” Dan said dont do that a can. Three awars lator thay wear bakck at home.                                                                                                                                                                                                THE END

100 wc Ollie

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One night, as I lay in bed I was thinking about being in the zoo.

When I was there  a monkey escaped  and when I turned round the monkey

stole my fruit from my hand ! so I caught it and gave it to the zoo keeper

so he gave me some gold and said thank you very much so I went home

and woke up from my dream and said to my self what a massive and wearied

dream  said Ollie so my mum took me to school and I told my friends about

it and they said wow Ollie

Hope 100 word challenge

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One day I went to the park to have a picnic when I got there I went on the slide as I turned around I saw Bethany she was about to go on the slide.Then my mum came over and asked Bethany if she wanted to come and have a picnic with us Bethany said “yes please.”Then we set up the picnic and had our food .After Bethany and I went on the swings it was very fun.Sadly it was time for Bethany to go but I got to stay for a bit longer.Not long after I saw Bethany in her car going home she waved to be and I waved back.The next day she said to me”That was really fun at the park.” Then I said “good I liked it too.”


100wc Kelsey

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One day I looked a round and I saw a pug walking  in the park and it was all alone so I took it home.  I gave it a bath,food and put it by the  fire. I saw  Sebastian eating a banana  I said do you like my new dog he said yes it looks like a pug I said because it is a pug  and I called it Chloe .  I played  tug with her  and she growled and growled and then the noisy phone rang and it was my best friend called Caitlin.  I  said “what do you want” she said “can I  sleep over” I said “yes” and “come and see my new dog and my dress” so she came over and saw my stuff we went to sleep the end .!!!!!!!



ashley 100 WC

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Gemma 100 wc

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Once i was wallking in the woods i hered and as i looked around a little dog was trotting along as i was wallking but then i follt weres its oner gon the dog didnt worey about anyone . ore anything then i folt shel i take this dog home or shel i not then i folt im gonoe take the dog home then on the way home i saw a nover dog then i folt aigain im gowing to ceep this dog home to so i took the dog home so we went home and my friend Ashley was there soshe said”do you wont to play”i said”yes lets play in the garden””yes”so they lived happely ever after the end.

Molly H’s 100 wc

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One morning, as I looked around I thought to my self were am I, walked though the corridor and saw my mum, and that’s when I remembered, I was on a beatufull holiday at haven. I was in the most beatifull caravan ever,with clean bedrooms and kitchen and living rooms. Me my Mum, Aunty,brother’s, and cousin were in one caravan and my Uncle, Dad Nana, grandad,baby couisun, were in the other caravan. At about 9 am we went to a out door swimming pool it was so fun, then we went  to the indoor swimming pool it was much funer, then we went to a cafe for tea. It was about 2 pm so we went done to a arcade and went up stairs to the tiger club it was so fun we did games and watched therter shows.

the end


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As  I looked around the shop I saw some mouldy carrots they were hairy as well they were  disgusting.Suddenly at  2 o’clock I saw Kelsey in the corner of my eye I to say hello ran over then I  ended up going over house.  We had pizza,chips and salad for tea it was  delicious.For are midnight feast we had crisps,lollipops,bubble gum,molesters and white chocolate.The next day we went to the park and we saw Chloe and Grace walking across the would’s to the park they shouted up the road “hello Kelsey hello Caitlin”                                                           we said “hello Chloe hello Grace”                                                         Kelsey and I brought some jam tarts with us.








100wc Archie

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As I looked around and saw a massive ALIEN!!. The Alien was friendly so I played with him he had special abilities so he can go invisible. He went to the police station and got lots of police on him but they can’t see the alien. He was not found so now he’s on TV hi is wanted now “are you on” yes I am” at ten a clock hi had a heart a tack so he rushed to Hospital. later that day they had to pay 20 thousand $ so now there all pore they lived on the road for 9 months. THE END

Charlotte W’s 100wc

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One early morning I looked out of my window and there were  loads of birds chirping so I said to myself  “hello lovely birds how are  you on this fine morning?”, but as  I looked around I saw my mum saying ” get out of bed chop chop chop you got school today!”  ” god mum calm down you’r over reacting” I suggested calmly. And I got up,got changed,done my hair and I brushed my teeth all before 7:00AM  so I went to school and I saw my friends Molly and Chelsea and they were waiting for me at the gate I said to Molly and Chelsea “did you know that you two are great friend’s?” “yeah we did!” Molly and Chelsea spoke weirdly. And we went to class and   after school they both came over my house.






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One day my mum said do you want to go to legoland and I said”yes I will love it” so when we got there  as I looked around the bend I saw jack and Isaac  on the rocking ship I said ” shall we go on the ghost train  jack and Isaac said ” yes please  can we can we ” and I said” yes I suppose so ” yes I cant blleeve   we are going on the most darkest ride ever made   what  definitely NOT GOING ON THAT RIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok then me and jack will go and go on the firing one but  we hade to wate for a long time the end

joel100wc HI

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One day I was in my room as I looked around  there was a monster there so ran away . After the monster thing I was scard  so i ran to the shop but evry one there was monsters   but it was cind off funny but alest i cood take all off the chocolate but i robed all off the sweets and chocklat            so i ran off with my nice luvly sweet chocklats   but i wanted mor and mor and mor  and soon i was sick and i was like a masiv footbal aka masiv ball  it was like a class room


One day I  was a the park and I heard something it was like a man he said “give me all of your money!”  So I  look  around to see if I  could see a robber so then I tried running out of the park and when I  was about to walk out of the park  Gate I  saw the robber wearing black and grey clothes. He spotted me and started chasing me I  screamed  and cried I  finally got near my house so I  carried on running and just about I  walked in through my  house  door and locked it and then I  said to my mum

“mum I  was just down the park and there was a robber chasing me and I  was so scared”



Joel horror story

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One day in the dark grave yard there was a custard on a grave and the dog liked it and custard taste like modaly soup it was revolting. IT was lumpy and fuggy but the dog went AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
it was a demand what tried kid nap the dog but the dog bark t and the man inside and the demand runs away and drop d the dog but the demand went in the house and the man went down steers and the demand but the man killed it the demand was gone it was amazing he was gone and the man watched TV.

The house was brown and hunted there was a evil demon the man walked down the creaky horrid stairs. But the demon was there the man it came in the man went the demon the man killed the evil scary beast. The custard made the demon and the demon was a killer but he was a ghost and when ever the lightning came the demon vanished. The man also dos not like bats and vampires or animals or old creaky stairs and old men and sheep people so he tries to kill them and he always did and never tried nothing escape that Bite.

The ghost squad went and bust down the door and they had a submachiane gun woods in the building 12 0 clack evil mans coming fiere let Riley attack aa zombies there running plus on fiere snipers in the bilding im down rivive me im up pistalers attack them grand pink grilla bisacl lounch Baleys a new sqod member Baley your in the tanks blow down the bilding big fat zombies in robbot shot them hes gowing to blow. DDDDDDDDDDDDaaaaaaaaaaaa where gowing to die.
Extinchon sqod cooming chopers are serching on the era. griilas smashing are choper Baleyes blowing him hes dead.

There was 14 solderers most dead in the next day like woods dead but in the last week aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa zombies attack there’s a python in the building soup you need to get it Baileys the on left get in the rob bot soot there’s zombies you need to tack cougher behind the rock s throw a grenade there s 12000000000033333332222221000 of them they have gold amour rrruuuuuunnn in the choppers sshoootttttt the zombies that s good roger that 01 ok thanks for the help. Well keep helping he was red as can be im scared said the man in the chopper all they could see was wait
Chapter 5 the bom sqod made there way to the chopper and uavs and much more like kem strikes avalibal to be used. ENIMES should of.

Monans should be in this house his men should be cooming out with dogs so kill monandess i dont want manendess geting out this time so get in and out i want to get my hans on him and kill him the ghost sqod shold be neer and find um roger that 01 i do copy moove in guns and stuff kill him the tanks and kill the men attttttttttttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccckkkkkkk my men they have choppers /robots and dogs . KKKKKKKKKKKKKiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllll

mnandess i will kill him staaaaaaaaaaaaaaab in the head snipers get down aliyst theis dead kill fram frower set fier/fier in the home bang they are dead.

Chapter 1

One spooky day in the haunted house there was some custard in the haunted house and the custard tasted like spider guts. The next day there was some people moving in to the haunted house and they were thinking they were gone to have a good night but Riley, Isaac, Joel and Bailey were scared about the house but they weren’t gone to have a good night. That night the cemetery gates opened and there was four dusty ghost out of the cemetery and they went in to the house. That night the dusty ghosts made loads of noise and Riley, Isaac ,Joel and Bailey woke up and went down the stairs and saw the ghosts and the ghost said ” leave this place.


Chapter 2

The next day every one was a sleep and then Riley, Isaac, Bailey and Joel who are strong woke up and they had for break fast baken and eggs and then they played out side. Later that day they all said ” who’s gone to cook dinner” they said and Riley said “I will cook today” so he did and he cooked a cheese burger and every one said” this is great.” Later that evening they all played mine craft on the x box and they saw a old abandoned shed out side and they went in side and there was a world war 1 guns and they were old. Later that evening they went to bed and they had a peace full night no noises just silence.


Chapter 3

In the morning every body went to the zoo to see the grand pink gorillas and then there was some boys on bicycles laughed at the gorillas and the gorillas got angry. Later that day when Riley ,Isaac ,Bailey and Joel got back to the house the dusty ghost said ” lets fight ” and the people said ” okay lets fight” and it was a big battle and they went in to battle. It was a awesome battle and the people won the battle and it was the end of the battle and the people took there suits off and they ended the fight.

Chapter 4

The next day after the battle Riley, Isaac, Bailey and Joel woke up and they said ” lets go to the beech” they all said and they did but when they got to the beech all the sand was gone but all we could see was water and they all went home and they played on mine craft. In the night when they all were a sleep Riley went in to the garden and he looked up at the full moon and his eyes went yellow and his vanes went black and then he turned in to a wolf and he done a big howl ow!!


chapter 5

In the morning every body woke up and Riley, Isaac, Bailey and Joel turned on the news and the news said” meetings were held across the country to find an answer to this wolf paw print” and Riley said” we don’t have wolfs” so in the night Riley knew it wasn’t safe so Riley left the house. In the morning Isaac, Bailey and Joel woke up and Isaac said” where is Riley?” So they searched and searched but there was no sight of Riley and they all said” Riley’s gone. ”In the night Riley was still in the jungle and Riley will be back in chapter 6 and Riley will survive.

Chapter 6

In the morning Isaac, Bailey and Joel woke up and they went out side. Isaac was pushing through the earth and out of no where out came a wolf. Riley was a wolf and Riley had a battle with the evil wolf and Riley got hit in to a tree and Riley knew that he had to fight back. Riley did wallop and the evil wolf went back to the jungle and Riley went behind a wall and turned back in to a human. The next day every one went down stairs and Isaac, Bailey and Joel they saw Riley and they hugged Riley joyfully and Riley will never leave them again. The next day Riley never left them.


by Riley         THE END


Oscars 100wc

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One stormy night at 10:00 a man was sitting on his couch eating beans. When he opened the lid he found that there were no beans. His dog was looking very guilty. “The dog must’ve ate me beans!” he thought confidently. “Get here you!” he yelled in a deep voice. He jumped up from his seat and chased the dog round the house, although the dog was pretty smart he tried knocking mops in his owners way to stop him catching up. At one point the dog jumped through the cat flap and his owner followed. The dog did a huge leap over the pool but his owner tripped and fell in. “Oh you!” said the man.

Ellies horror story chapter 5

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One day I was in my deep dark  house I went to play in the  garden .I saw the moon  I jumped really high so I pushed the  earth and then my mum and dad came out .They said”

get down from there ” my mum  said”

don’t push the earth “so I said

that’s what i’m trying to do” that so then the floor started to crumble  so then my dad shouted

“get down from there please your are only hope ”

ok ill get down”my dad said

“thanks your the best son ever ”

thanks dad” your the best dad ever aswell”

Baileys 6 chapter

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Jacks ideer was the fart police came with fart guns and shoots red fart and then more custard. zombies was pushing through the earth and then keane came to save the day. keane got a knife and keane use the knife to stab the custerd zombies. the custerd zombies trend into humans and the human said ” I hate custerd .


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Monans   should be in this house his men  should  be  cooming  out  with dogs  so kill  monandess  i dont want manendess geting out  this time so get in and out  i want  to  get my hans  on  him  and  kill  him  the  ghost  sqod  shold  be  neer  and  find um  roger  that 01  i do  copy moove in  guns  and  stuff  kill  him the tanks  and kill  the men  atttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  my  men   they  have  choppers /robots  and  dogs .  KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

mnandess  i  will  kill  him  staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab  in  the  head snipers  get  down  aliyst  theis  dead  kill   fram  frower  set  fier/fier  in the  home   bang they are dead.

Grace’s 100wc (Chapter 6)

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Later that day Eva was trying to push the plug back  into the socket but it wouldn’t work? She said to herself”
It’s like trying to pushing the plug through the earth-finally it was back to normal!

She went back to the Ferris wheel and shouted up” I’ve pushed the plug back into the socket! But just as the Ferris wheel reached the ground it stopped again? They heard a sound and it was a ghost! They ran for there lives but Eva fell over! But she was tough and she got back up and the ghost was gone!       THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!    THE END

Matthew c last chapter

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Jack and James said ” now Jack what shall we do “?

” we need to find that ghost” so James and Jack split up to find that very evil ghost. Then James saw a shadow of a very dark man then a shadow came from the grave under the house then a man appeared then James span around. That second he was pushing a man through the earth. Then he found out it was his evil little brother then the ghost appeared behind him but the ghost was not lucky he was stabbed with a  very very sharp dagger he was gone for ever.


Charlie’s chapter6

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The plan was to get a hoover and suck up the ghost,bat,zombie the dad got the hoover Lucy unlocked the shed and Shannon held it open. It felt like the three friends were going to be pushed through the Earth. The dad got the hoover ready Joel came along and the dad put on the hoover Joel said”help me” Henry came along and saw Joel Henry ran in and dad sucked him up then Nigel came along and saw Joel and Henry in trouble had to saved then he ran in and got sucked up to. Lucy and Shannon held the shed door open and they were left in there for ever the family lived happily ever after.the end

isabelle 100 word chapter 6

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After tatty teddy had made child pie he then decided to bring it to the party at the old theme park when Tatty teddy touched the pie it was like pushing through the earth so  tatty teddy left the pie to bake in the oven for a hour then he could get his party out fit on it had blue sparkles with spiders . Then she looked at the pie it was not done yet so he curled his fur and he was reddy to go and so was the pie so he went to the party and had a great time. He decided to taste the child pie and was happy ever since 


                                                           the end      

“We’ve found the ghosts weakness!” explained Nathan “if we can find the armoury then we can fill some more weapons with water!”  he continued. They went back inside and found a dead officer on the floor with a letter that read:     Meetings all over the country have been trying to find an answer to this outbreak but none have succeeded. WE WILL ALL DIE. Then a sound like a an angry monkey set off. “What was that?” asked Max and the floor started to crack. All of a sudden the hole prison was starting to fall down when a tall man walked up to them and a bright light stopped there vision.


Nathan ducked behind a garbage bag and Max ran backwards. Suddenly he tripped over a rock in the grass and found himself lying on the ground next to the ghost. Max didn’t know what to do but all of a sudden Nathan jumped out with something in his hands. “Freeze Mr.Ghost!” shouted Nathan with a hosepipe in his hands. The ghost paused and went over to Nathan instead. “I’m warning you!” yelled Nathan. Sssppprrraaayyy! as Nathan sprayed the ghost. The ghost slowly fell to the ground and disappeared. They looked for signs of the ghost but all they could see was water.







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