the rainy day

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One rainy day,there was a boy and he wanted to go for a walk. So he got his coat and boots on. And of course his new,red umbrella.Then he came across a river so he put his umbrella down into the water. And floated down the river next he comes across a hard mountain. And started to climb up it. When he got to the top. He fell down the mountain… Then he fell into a river and he had a slash for a while. Then he climbed out soaking wet. He caught his umbrella and threw it back in and floated home.

The End!!!

Meganc 100wc Hanna Mcbee

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Hanna Mcbee

Once upon a time in stormy Scotland, Hanna Mcbee  lived close to loch ness the castle on top of the hard red  mountain. You Se she is very adventures and never goes searching for things without her grey tatty teddy umbrella. Today she is searching for the loch ness monster, she is  prepared with these items A packed lunch, water, a net, favourite teddy and a tent also a blanket. She climbed  the mountain to loch ness castle, and started swimming in the sea trying to Se through the red and green sea weed. she finally gave up and went home.

One day in the Victorian time there wasa  girl called Hetty feather. She woke up and her light red hair bounced  and her head smacked onto the hard bed. She got up in to her outfit and matron came in and slipped on the hard floor and yelled and she got up and said Hetty and Shella and Mary clean up the floor out side  .Well they had to go out and Shella floated on the floor and Hetty laughed and Shella got the umbrella and smacked it on. Hetty it was night time and hetty climbed  up a mountain …….to be continued

A Day On The Mountain.

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In the late afternoon, the boy and his dad were sat face to face playing a game of cards in silence. Then the boys dad broke the silence and said “This is boring lets go some where else,” He said with a sigh.

The dad told the boy they were going on an adventure to the hard
mountain. So they drove to the hard Mountain. Then they both started to climb the Mountain. When they climbed all the way up to the top there hands were bright red. The boy said ” The view is great up here,” He shouted to his dad. So they climbed all the way down and they saw a umbrella floating in river below. They both started to laugh.

The End!!!

the very good girl

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Once a upon a time someone called fin ran up the red rock hard mountain and when he reached the other side it was raining so he got out his umbrella and started to climed down he saw a butaful girl and he was flouting with her in joy.
when he went past her he said.”meat me at beefeater tonight at twelve.

at twelve the girl had a idea to out smart her by not appearing at beefeater but taxing him saying I am sick.
when he herd it he went over the cold wet damp mountain and went home.

the end.

bethey boop

one sunny day bethey boop got a dog his name was hard rock he was kind .my friends are called lily and Ashley they are great hard rock loves them so much . his old oner was going to drop him of a mountain luckily i was there to catch him. i said to then i’ll take him home in sted of you killing him. so i walk home with him in my arms . it started to rain so i got my umbrella wich was red we are having so much fun . one day out of the blue he died i berred in the most amazing grave yard in irerland every moth i floated on a boat the end

The Amazing Adventure!!!

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One rainy but warm day a little girl named Kat stared out of the wet blury window.  Suddenly she remembered that she had a red and blue mountain bike so she knew it was rainy but when she went outside the sun was shining at her it was so hot outside she saw a colourful rainbow and decided to follow it after a few hours she reached the end of the rainbow and collected the pot of gold.  After she had found the pot of gold she went to a gigantic shopping centre and spent lots of money on toys, ofcourse she gave her lovely family some money.






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one day there was a lonely horse called snowy she was white and black, she liked to run in the red sky during the day. one morning she saw a mountain she clambd up, it was hard to clime it but when she got up there she saw a flooting duck. the duck was frozen so the lonly horse went to save the frozen duck. the horse got the frosen duck out of the lake but the duck was unable to un frese, so the horse take the duck home and the duck was able to un frese. so they lived happly ever after.

The end by Ashley

The Swollen Finger

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One day in a hot country called Canada, a little girl called Bee bee was playing in a park near a mountain.

She was swinging on the swing when suddenly she fell of into the thorns.

But luckily she didn’t fall hard.

The only thing that got hurt was her finger.

It had gone red and swollen.

Her finger looked like it was floating.

She imagined that she floated off of her swing into thorns.

Ever since then she feared of going by mountains.

Every night before she goes to bed she puts her finger on wet ice.


The Painful Journey

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One  day, Cass thought she would go for a walk.

She packed her bag and rushed out the hard oak door towards a mountain that she would climb. She started up the mountain as she climbed she noticed her hands were cut and very red! “OUCH!” she screamed as she slipped and fell down the mountain into a river. She  floated unconscious for a few seconds before opening her eyes and clinging on to the grass at the side of the river. She clambered out and it started to rain. She was already soaked from the river but she put her umbrella up anyway as she walked home.

Back and forth to the shop

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One sunny day, a girl named Ellie had gone off to the shop to get some milk but as I joined the queue she saw a stray dog wandering around .so she got home and the dog was outside so she adopted him and she called him sparky so she had gone to the shop she got a dog bed/a dog lead/a dog bole and a dog grooming she realised she had to walk sparky so she gone into the woods and on the way she saw a stray cat so she took the cat home so she had to go to the shop  again she got a cat food box/a cat bed/a cat milk bole and a box of cat biscuits so they got home to have a play but she named the cat twinkle.





The airport queue

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One  hot and sunny day, I decided to got on holiday. So I packed my suitcase (Which I was having trouble shutting due to how much I had packed) got into my red car and drove to the airport!


When I got to the busy airport i slowly walked over to the massive queue to get on the plane.

As I joined the queue I noticed it was 99 people long! I waited for two hours and there were still 80 people waiting! I waited for nine more hours  and now it was 45 people long! Then finally I was at the front and I got my ticket and boarded the plane.

The End!




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One sunny day as I stood in the long queue I saw a controller that was black and blue so I picked it up and shouted I’ve got to get this so I brought it and quickly smashed it open but then I saw a blue glowing bracelet and paused and hesitated so i put it on with the controller in my hand !  and toggled the joystick and suddenly jumped out the window and landed on a tall tree by the pavement so I quickly climbed   down and ran into my house and chucked my controller in the soggy clothes and dozed off to sleep. In the morning I slowly went to grab the controller but then I slipped and fell into the stinky clothes grabbing the controller i grabbed the band and smashed it. And lived happily ever after


As I Joined The Queue

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Because the girl called Kat was bored, she decided to go to a theme park!!! Once she had arrived at the theme park she noticed she had no ticket! So she waited a few more days to get a reservation!  When the clock struck 3:00 in the afternoon, Kat finally got a reservation !!! So the day after she got a reservation  she rushed rapidly to the theme park!

But as she joined the long queue, a man came up to her and said “You can come to the front of the line!”

“Thank you very much”replied Kat. As she entered the theme park she thought  how lucky she was!


The Long 24 Hour Queue

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As I  joined the queue it got longer and longer, infact after 20 minutes it rapidly got out of the shop door. I felt like I was going to barf  because the smell was horrible. It smelt like cucumber, cheesy feet and smelly socks. Also behind me there was a baby that had been sick. After about half an hour, the queue had gone across the coal coloured road and up the hill. Not long after the shop keeper shouted that we’d have to wait for 24 hours! 24 hours! But I guess I want my sweets so I’m gonna wait.


The End

ashley 100wc

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As I joined the queue I saw a juicy big apple sat on the self,waiting for me to eat it but you are not aloud to eat in the shop so I brute the juicy red apple.What was sat on the self in the loud shop,


So I drove home and sat down on my blue chair and had a cup of tea and watched a TV show it was a funny show so I got to bed and herd a funny nose but it was just my cat.So I got back to bed and got to sleep.

The end by Ashley



Hetty Feather


One million years ago in a busy town were people that were poor there was a girl called Hetty Feather, she was a maid. As she joined the queue and Violet pushed in and Hetty shouted” move i was her first Violet .”Then Hetty left the queue she went to clean the bathrooms .then violet came in and spilt the water all over her so Feather put the towel on her and the lady slowly  came in and shouted” go to the nurse and work there to learn a lesson .”They went in and did the sheets and Violet was doing good and Hetty was playing .TO BE CONTINUED









Damian 100 Word Challenge

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One day, there were five ninja. There is a white one called Zane, 
a blue one called Jay, a black one called Cole, a red one called Kai 
and a green one called Lloyd. Lloyd is going to be the next Spinjitse master. 
Spinjitse is a marsheal art with a tornado of creation. Zane isn’t humman he is a robot but his friends call him a ninjrood. 
There was an amerjencie in Ninja go.Kai’s little sister Nya is the person who flys there ship.

They set of for a big battle. Kai is a master of fire, Cole is master of Earth, Jay is master of lighting, 
Zane is master of ice and Lloyd is master of all elements. They were against 
The Candy Man. The Candy Man blasted popping candy in Jay’s mouth and it his made mOne day, 
there were five ninja. There is a white one called Zane, a blue one called Jay, 
a black one called Cole, a red one called Kai and a green one called Lloyd. Lloyd is going to be the next Spinjitse master.
 Spinjitse is a marsheal art with a tornado of creation. 
Zane made his tounge tingle like mad. They couldn’t beat the candy man.

The End or is it?


the end


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But it made my tongue tingle when she eat the sour sweets she bought from the sweet sweet  shop.  her name was poppy, she was so spoilt little girl.She had 3000 friends she lived in USA. She lived in a castle that was white,blue and purple.  Her bed and everything  like her furniture and her TV  and cooker were also blue white and purple. One day on a Friday poppy whose best friends were called Louise and Zoe  saw a new boy James and Sam  they became friend with them.But that day they had a maths test and  helped poppy.  She didn’t become spoilt and they did practise doing stuff all the time


Riley’s hundred word challenge

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One Halloween night, a boy called Tom was out doing pranks on every body and when they dropped there sweets he would put them in his bag. 

Then he came home one night and his mother said,” did you have a great time?”

Tom smiled and said,” yes I did mummy” then in a flash he went to his room to eat his sweets then after 20 minutes he came down from his room and his mum cooked tea and Tom was eating his sweets but then he ate one sweet but it wasn’t like a normal sweet because it stuck to his tongue and his mum said,” stop tingling ” and Tom said,”but when I ate that sweet  it made my tongue tingle.

Charlotte’s 100wc

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One lovely day, I woke up in a great mood and I saw loads of chirping birds on my bed, they gave me some sour sweets I ate a cola bottle I thought it would be sweet but it made my tongue tingle instead. After I went downstairs to get some Scary Salamander breakfast and inside of the box I found a mini sticky alien toy that looked like Star Lord in a cape, then I got dressed ready for school but then found out that it wasn’t school so I got back into my pyjamas and back into bed. My mum woke me up again five minutes later and we went to Gloucester for a girly day.

Deacons 100wc

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One day the light was so bright a boy called Deacon he was riding his coma shred BMX  through the woods and then came across his friend Ollie and they hung out in their tree house and had cherry aid and a cake each.Ollie said ”I have to go now dude.” Deacon said ”OK man.”And with that they went to bed.Next morning they went to buy paint ball guns and armour for all their friends and had a massive paint ball war!Damien,Ryan,Ollie and Deacon had a team one which has Damien and Ryan verses team two which was Ollie and Deacon. to be continued …

lily the light was to dright wc

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ONE sunni mornning i wak up one of my freneds said ‘ the light was to briht ” so I said ‘so we still haf to do wrok ” . then I went to the park whith Hope but then I fogot that i had a runny ress at Hopes homes at 5.50 whehn it was sgampwse brithday ,but then normal ne,died me for his homework . Then Hope was mad at me . Nice, happy mis said” you are going awt to park ” then Hope said”yes . Then we,ll get some sweets” ok” molly youare a star . Then we went to my mums home in londen then new york

Freya 100 wc

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That morning, Megan was on the telephone all morning and her daughter, Molly S was bored. Then, a tornado came and she was blown to Wonderland. She met some munchkins and then she met a lovely good witch and she gave her some magical ruby slippers. Then, the bad witch came and she was gelus and she wanted them as well. She went for a walk and the bad witch came and she finally escaped. As she went too the good witch, she said, “can you throw the bad witch in prison”? And then she woke up and was lively.


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One day in the wood’s it was so bright because it was a hot day and their was a boy named Ollie.Then he bumps in to

a old friend called Deacon so we hang out around the pub.And had a lemon aid then Deacon went home then the next day we went to build a tree house.And lived in their then Ollie got some cherry aid then we messed a bin up and tennerd it in to a monster then had fun with it and tricked a old man.Then we ran away to get some pets like a monkey or a dragon…







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One day Bailey   Joel Damien  went to a glow up in the dark mini golf  but the light was so bright we ran mad around  the place. When we went to sleep bailey was so sacred he bloo up and Joel   ,Damien to go to a crematorium to put down some flowers for me because they awast  cared about me so from that day on Joel and Damien had to deal because  im  not alive me life has ended. so Joel and Damien sat down on the sofa to talk about all the happy things that i done for them  Joel said ‘ I whish  bailey was alive the end.

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