Molly s 100wc

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Once upon a time there was a girl called Molly she loved dogs because  they were so cute.  When she lived  by here self  she got 20000000 thousand dogs and she took them for five walks  a day some in the morning some in the afternoon  . In the morning the door rang  it was Millie that was Molly’s best friend she  said I  forget my bag okay come in my  house   lily will jump up at you. Do you  want to come over tonight no said Millie okay .so she went away treat time dogs.  It was lunch time dogs had there lunch.she phoned Tanya said she was busy okay she said good night and had a lonely lady.THE END





said she was

Riley 100 word challenge

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Once when I needed help doing my homework  Jack my best friend  came to help me then he said “shall we go to the park” then I said” yes let’s do that” then we went.

Then when we walked to the park I stopped because I started to go blind so Jack helped me to get back to my house then suddenly I was able to see again.

Then I went to Jack’s house to play so I knocked on the door then his mum let me in so me and Jack played Minecraft then I had to go home to my mum then when I got home I went on the PS3.



Abbie and Megan finally got home to the yellow house Megan opened the door she took a deep breath.”That was long!” She said breathlessly

“Yes,It was,” Abbie said. Abbie  wasn’t  so breathless like Megan.  But a second or 2 later A vase crashed on Abbie

“ABBIE!!” Megan shouted, Caching her breath back.Suddenly I was able to see again.

“Im- Im OK!” Abbie said softly, “I thought I was blinded!”

“I was so worried!” Megan said sadly.

“Don’t worry about me!” Abbie said calmly,

Megan wanted to make Abbie happily but one thing before she done that she looked at Abbie’s left eye, There was a massive blue bruise, “You got a massive bruise!” said Megan even more panicky.

“OOH,QUICKLY! Get me a ice pack!” Abbie froze and panicked.

See what happen’s in chapter 5! 🙂

100 wc LI.LY

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one  day I forgot my pepper and orange hat for Dee-Jay  But freya got me a nuth orange hat  for crocodile called molly but I can not see her  so I don’t have to go to ded  at  7pm. me and magan c  can play to geth  today soft lee but my stister haves som  fiedly  cats but I hate them but I got to see them  evre day my sister hates  me but Idont came  but she . I like  zoo but  I like meganc but I  like molly  use pen  and all I Rember is a  song form holly and all of my  book and a  toy form mum .

freya 100wc

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Once apon a time a girl called Gemma Ann lived in a old cottige. One day,

Gemma said to her mum,”can I clime a mountin ?”asked Gemma.”if you be

careful”said her mum.”Ok I,ll be careful”said gemma. So she set of on her

adventre. When she got there she was very happy. Then I came and said

“that was hard work”. As I looked around…the volcano EXPLODED! We ran

as fast as we could but the hot bubbling lava folloed us. We  ran home just in

time and lived happly ever. THE END

100 wc Ollie

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One night, as I lay in bed I was thinking about being in the zoo.

When I was there  a monkey escaped  and when I turned round the monkey

stole my fruit from my hand ! so I caught it and gave it to the zoo keeper

so he gave me some gold and said thank you very much so I went home

and woke up from my dream and said to my self what a massive and wearied

dream  said Ollie so my mum took me to school and I told my friends about

it and they said wow Ollie

Chelsea 100wc

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One day I went to Charlotte’s and as I looked around I saw a cuddle me Mercedes doll, I asked Charlotte if I could play with it.

“No” said Charlotte.  

“Why” said Chelsea, mysteriously.

“Because” shouted Charlotte.

“Because what”said Chelsea.

“Because I said so” Charlotte shouted.

“Okay okay I don’t want to brag” said Chelsea, softly

“Well what do you want to do now apart from playing with my cuddle me Mercedes doll.” said Charlotte as gently as she could.

“um… can I go home” said Chelsea

“no because after tea we’re playing with my cuddle me Mercedes doll” Charlotte, said excitedly.

“YAY!” said Chelsea,excitedly.


to be continued….

by chelsea


100wc by Molly s

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One day there was a girl called Tracy she lived in a dumping ground she hated  Justin littlewood and  she had to best friends called crash and Jacky. They had lots of fun .There was a really weird kid he dressed  up in  weird clothes .It was  a new day  they had  breakfast they chomped  there  food . they went school but  Tracy didn’t go  to  school . It was the end of school it was tea time but Tracy , crash and  Jacky  they went to the chippy  .They got home  they went to bed. It was  the morning  they had  breakfast. the end







Damian’s 100 word challenge

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One day I was in a maze. I got lost. I had to live in a maze for a month like hobos, but they are used to am it. Well my family was lost in the maze to, I am so happy I had a phone, so I am not lost I am away from my family we are aport.                                                            “Damian!” my Mum shouted.                                                                                                                                                                                             ” Huh Mum, Dad where are you!”                                                                                                                                                                                       ” Damian turn left no I will send you a message!” my Dad said.                                                                                                                                   “Ok!” I shouted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The message was turn left, jump forwared  ten times turn right you should be ablle to see us.                                                                            I was so happy I did a back flip because I was so happy I said, “Mum and  Dad !”                                                                                                         ” Damian we sent our month cutting a hole through the hedge,” my Mum and Dad said.                                                                              We exeped the maze and lived happily ever after.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The End

Deacon’s 100 wc

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Once upon a time a boy called deacon and his friend Damien went to a haunted house and they thought a scary doll was staring at them but it was a black cat with yellow eyes and white streaks so they turned round and started to explore again.Deacon saw an old sword and picked it up as he turned around he was sucked into a void of darkness and shot out to a wierd world of monsters and wierd people wearing masks and swords and guns deacon found Damien and made their way to a tower.They got to the tower and talked to people about what happend they found it 200 years later and there was a dark force attacking the city and the tower.So they set off they found guns and armor and killed the dark force and won an epic battle.



One day I danced my heart out of the room . My cousin Lila  was watching I felt in barest. ” Do you want  to join  Shan’s dance. ” said Lila. ” OK ” I said .          So she took me to Shan’s dance .”  It is far” said Lila . As I looked around   around all the girls stared at me.  Shan said hi girls  lets get to it. “we are doing a show at Christmas ” said Lila .  ” wow ” I said. “so we need to get dancing” Shan said . we was practising for the big show .The song was called All I want for Christmas is you. when the big show came everybody clapped .

the big end





Riley’s 100 word challenge

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Once in a little town named Bellwood there were some houses that were haunted so Steve Rogers of ghost adventures went to investigate.

So I went with Steve to investigate the three houses so we went to Jack’s house first and Jack said ” the ghost walks down the stairs into the kitchen then she says I don’t want to die” then we saw the ghost down the stairs then I said”don’t be afraid we wont hurt you”so then the ghost left the house.

Then after we went to Isaac’s house we went to Joel’s house then Joel said” the ghost walks into  one of the bedrooms and smashes the vase” then we went into the room and the ghost was gone.


Sophie’s 100wc

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Once upon a time a girl called Sophie and a boy named Isaac they were the best of friend’s but one had a deep secret I have the deep secret I have super powers.

3 years later

Sophie  looked deeply into his eyes but could not tell him the secret and turned around and left the night Sophie left her house and went to find crime.The next morning she was tired and sleeped in all day and missed school. Isaac missed her and went over her house to see if she was ok.

to be continued

DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Libby she was a princess.

She lived in a massive diamond castle .She lived with her mother and father

that were kings and queens She’s got a pet rabbit called clover.she looked

around and saw a dark cave.She went in and saw a goblin.She said to the

goblin.” Are you friendly”.”yes i am”.”will you be my friend”.”yes”.

So Libby went home to her diamond castle.Then she heard a puppy outside

her door she ran over to it. And said “i’m going to call you coco” said Libby

So she ran home and said to her mother.” please can I keep him I will clear up everything”.”yes darling”. So Libby and her mother lived happily ever after


THE                            END


everything up

Molly H’s 100 wc

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One morning, as I looked around I thought to my self were am I, walked though the corridor and saw my mum, and that’s when I remembered, I was on a beatufull holiday at haven. I was in the most beatifull caravan ever,with clean bedrooms and kitchen and living rooms. Me my Mum, Aunty,brother’s, and cousin were in one caravan and my Uncle, Dad Nana, grandad,baby couisun, were in the other caravan. At about 9 am we went to a out door swimming pool it was so fun, then we went  to the indoor swimming pool it was much funer, then we went to a cafe for tea. It was about 2 pm so we went done to a arcade and went up stairs to the tiger club it was so fun we did games and watched therter shows.

the end


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As  I looked around the shop I saw some mouldy carrots they were hairy as well they were  disgusting.Suddenly at  2 o’clock I saw Kelsey in the corner of my eye I to say hello ran over then I  ended up going over house.  We had pizza,chips and salad for tea it was  delicious.For are midnight feast we had crisps,lollipops,bubble gum,molesters and white chocolate.The next day we went to the park and we saw Chloe and Grace walking across the would’s to the park they shouted up the road “hello Kelsey hello Caitlin”                                                           we said “hello Chloe hello Grace”                                                         Kelsey and I brought some jam tarts with us.








Jacks 100wc

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One dark night lived a man called Jack who lived at 10 downing street because he was a minister of the united kingdom  and his next door person called Riley he was a nice friend when me and him went to sleep ghosts papered in me and Riley’s house so we called Steve Rogers,he was a ghost hunter man.

when he called the ghost inspector first  he went to Riley’s house first the ghost hunter said to Riley you’ve got 12 ghosts in your house but tern around Riley you got 7 ghosts behind you .we went to the ministers house called jack and he had 456 ghosts in his mansion but when the minister looked behind him the ghosts killed him  the minister but the minister terns into a ghost.

THE      END




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One day my mum said do you want to go to legoland and I said”yes I will love it” so when we got there  as I looked around the bend I saw jack and Isaac  on the rocking ship I said ” shall we go on the ghost train  jack and Isaac said ” yes please  can we can we ” and I said” yes I suppose so ” yes I cant blleeve   we are going on the most darkest ride ever made   what  definitely NOT GOING ON THAT RIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok then me and jack will go and go on the firing one but  we hade to wate for a long time the end

joel100wc HI

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One day I was in my room as I looked around  there was a monster there so ran away . After the monster thing I was scard  so i ran to the shop but evry one there was monsters   but it was cind off funny but alest i cood take all off the chocolate but i robed all off the sweets and chocklat            so i ran off with my nice luvly sweet chocklats   but i wanted mor and mor and mor  and soon i was sick and i was like a masiv footbal aka masiv ball  it was like a class room


One day I  was a the park and I heard something it was like a man he said “give me all of your money!”  So I  look  around to see if I  could see a robber so then I tried running out of the park and when I  was about to walk out of the park  Gate I  saw the robber wearing black and grey clothes. He spotted me and started chasing me I  screamed  and cried I  finally got near my house so I  carried on running and just about I  walked in through my  house  door and locked it and then I  said to my mum

“mum I  was just down the park and there was a robber chasing me and I  was so scared”



Megan goodes 100WC chapter 3

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As I looked around people stared at us, Megan walked away because she did not like it. After 6 seconds  Abbie started to follow. When they was walking to there yellow house Megan moaned and said ‘Why are we always being stared at?’

Abbie replied  slowly ‘They haven’t seen us before, that’s why’ Megan and Abbie carried on walking,

‘I hate people that stare at us!’ As Megan huffed and puffed up the hill.

‘Megan just stop moaning.Is it because you haven’t had a sleep yet?’ Abbie tryed  not to shout,

‘ Maybe, I do feel a bit sleepy!’ Megan replied back.

‘Well your almost home only another mile.’ Abbie said softly

‘ANOTHER MILE?!’ Megan shouted

The End!

There wear two girls one called Bethany one called Emily.

Bethany and Emily had soft spaghetti and meat balls,with pepper on top.

The next day they went  to the Zoo .” Look at all the reptiles” ! said Bethany

” My favourite is the crocodile said Emily.

They took pics off the crocodile.

when they walking home they said” we forgot something”

They forgot there camera!

“oh know ” said Emily!

So the went back.

When they went back home they was so tired. ” lets go to bed” said Bethany. So the got there panamas on then went to bed .

“I’m tired”said Bethany “same” said Emily. good night goodnight.

THE  END                                   BY EMILY JENKINS

Seb 100wc

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Today my mum said “come on Seb its time to go SHOPPING!” “I hate that word”said Seb.” I SAID COME ON SEB!” said Sebs mum. “COMING MUM!” said Seb. at the shop. “Mum we finely made it to the shop”said Seb.

“now we need pepper ,crocodile, orange and a fluffy pillow” said my mum

“mum can I get the crocodile and orang”said Seb.

“yes” said my mum after shopping. “oh no”said mum.

“what is it mum.”said Seb


lets get them tomorrow.” the rest of the day Seb played on his Xbox













jacks 100wc

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One day in the forest there were explorers investigating crocodiles.

“The explorers waited night and night intil they found 3 baby crocodiles”.

“The three baby crocodiles were sleeping and the explorers sent 12 army poeple in one army guy shot 2 baby crocodiles the other guard shot the mother one and he shot the baby to and took them away”.

“When it was night the 12 guards and the 4 explorers were sleeping behind the tent there were 2 lions and the 2 lions went in to the tent and killed 3 explorers  and 2 armed guard men”.

“The explorers left and had a massive big roast dinner with hot pepper on top of there roast dinner and they were getting told by the sir vent “dont forget the code to your bed room witch is 12364 ok! so no animals gets into your room”.

mollys 100 word challenge

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Once upon a time there  was a  girl called Molly and she had a dog called Harry and she  had a Crocidile his name was called orange . they had a Masive  house . they went to school a they met a new boy called Damian he was nice his really cleaver and funny . it was the end of school and Molly had loads of home work  it was the next  she had done all of  her home work . she saw Damian  he said”hello” i gust walked away from him it was the end of the day Molly had no home work she  saw Damian he  said i like you.

Riley’s 100 word challenge

September 25th, 2014 | Posted by rileydrybrook14 in 100 Word - (1 Comments)

Once in a city  name Gloucestershire  a boy named Bailey and a girl named Sophie they were friends so Bailey said “shall we go buy some  Xbox games” then Sophie said”yes lets get mine craft, dirt showdown” so they went to get those games after that they got a orange and pepper then after a while they went to see ten crocodile at the zoo they got to see how crocodiles catch there pray then Bailey said” that was amazing” then in a hour they forgot pepper so they went to get it after they went to sleep on soft pillows.

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