william week 27

May 2nd, 2012 | Posted by williamoak11 in 100 Word - (0 Comments)

One day a little dragon called Ben.

He lives in a cave in east. His is his story. In dead land Death he meets the ghost of 

Henry the 8 Th he got a gun and shot him because he don’t 

like dragons. He mist again his lucky number is 11. 

So we went toDeadRiverof wee he soar a dead cat he eat him all up.

 An army of zombies to kill him he ran and ran and ran.

They had claws has sharp as teeth they like cheese so went to shop.

That is his story.

 Once upon a time there was a dragon called daisy. She was very lonely. So one day she decided to go to a mini village and when she got there every one was horrified. She was sad. She just wanted some one to play with. Every one hid in there houses. Daisy wandered back to the meadow alone. But then the princess of the land Sophia went up to her and stroked her head and she turned around and went to her cave together and she had to go home so she said good bye and went into the palace.  


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