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May 9th, 2012 | Posted by kurtisoak111 in 100 Word

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mr Marvelous. If you see me you will now me because I always have frowning eyes, big curly hair and wear the most awesome nike air shoes. Did I mention that I have a shinning gold cap, that I wear backwards.

I am in love with a princess. She lives in a pink castle, she is beautiful. I entered a chariot race, the winner would be declared her husband. when I was racing the chariot a baby drangon flew into my chariot and bit my leg right off, I screamed noisly like a roaring lion. But because of what happened the princess chose me and then we lived happily ever after in the pink castle, that I insisted was painted purple.

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  • poppyoak11 says:

    kurtis i like the bit were the baby dragon bit your leg off your story is funny and great looks like you put lots of effort in it from poppy

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