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The Olympics started in ancient Greece and it is a sports festival. The logo for the Olympics is five rings that mean respect, inspiration, determination, friendship and excellence.


The Olympics 2012 mascots are Wenlock and Mandeville


This year the Olympics is held in London. The Olympics is when lots of different countries get together to play games like Jamaca, Great Britain and France. A Great Britain diver that has won a gold medal is Tom Daley and Jamaca have the fastest man on earth Usain Bolt.

 This is Tom Daley with a gold medal

  And this is Usain Bolt running


The Olympics started in the year 1896. Trophies and medals are rewards for winning coming second and third. The sports in the Olympics are Water polo, archery, swimming, badminton, diving, basketball, boxing, cycling, football gymnastics and loads more.


This is the Olympic stadium in 1896.


In the Olympics there is an Olympic relay and you run with a torch that you set fire to on the top.



Olympics in French you say les Jeux olympiques.


      The Olympic mascots in 2010 were Lyo and Merly



The Olympics are currently held every two years, with summer and winter games. All the way back in 1968 Schuss was the Olympic mascot.

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