Grace 100 word week 30

May 14th, 2012 | Posted by graceoak11 in 100 Word

One day there was a boy and his name was David and his mum was called Charlotte. She was mean

so mean that she sent him to his room for no reason. Now what do i need to do. David creped down

stairs in the middle of the night to get a cookie. When suddenly there was a loud DAVID! when he  

tried to hide but just then his mum grabed him by the neack. WHAT ARE YOU DOING! said mum.

 So she sent him back to bed slammed his door shut without saying good night. He cried himself to sleep.                              THE END           by Grace

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3 Responses

  • Mrs. Stading (Team 100WC) says:

    Hello Grace, this is a sad piece. You’ve taken one situation and shown us what his life is probably like most of the time. I hope his mom comes to realize that she really should be a nicer mom so her son doesn’t grow up to be rotten. (That happens, you know.) Keep writing!

  • Nina says:

    Wow, this is not a feel good story! It wasn’t very nice, but you are a really good story writer! I hope you keep on writing and I would love to read your next blog post and I will be commenting again. Well done, Grace.

  • Pupil ZACH says:

    Wow that post is really sad maybe you should do some more jolly post about ponys or rain bows and unicorns. Well done!

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