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May 18th, 2012 | Posted by budder in 100 Word

The waterlogged field

Once upon a time there were naughty twins called Kyle and Kirsty.    They lived with their parents and a pet lizard called Lizardo de Vinci.  They were told never to go to the fields alone.

It had been raining for four days but on the fifth day it was sunny.     They had been very bored indoors   and so they decided to sneak off into the fields without telling anyone.

They put on their wellington boots and rushed across the field.    Suddenly their feet sank into the waterlogged field.   They cried out for help but no-one could hear.   Then Kirsty shouted, ‘Now what do I need?’     Kyle replied ‘Help’.   Kirsty found her mobile phone.   She rang home and her parents came to rescue them.    As they had been very naughty they were grounded for a whole week.

By Sam

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