Charlotte 100 word challenge we found it!!! :)

May 21st, 2012 | Posted by charlotteoak11 in 100 Word

one day in the unnown zone kate and charlotte the grait invetrars were looking for monstro City we have at last fownd them hahahahaha all that hard werk payd of! but it was a volcaino whare thay do surper moshimoishons lets do the ist moshi mishon! surper moshis to the rescu. we will save addy googoo the moshilying!!!

                                                                                    22 hower later

yaaaaaaaaahh we dune it!

this mishon was the best!!!!!!

i am going to speek to alger fire the master of the moshi volcano!!

                                                                        2 minits later

hey alger fire. charlotte said. at the same time as kate. go go my fello avenchrars it is not safe screamed alger fire. so charlotte and kate whent home!


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