Caitlyn 100 word challenge Returning to the City in the Jungle

May 18th, 2012 | Posted by caitlynoak11 in 100 Word

Long ago in the .U.S.A there was a city filled with people and next to it was a big Jungle. In the Jungle there were lots of wild animals.

One day two wood choppers went into the Jungle to get some wood for people in the City. As they were walking through the Jungle they spotted a baby girl lying in a basket all alone under a palm tree. One of the wood choppers said

“Lets find this babies mum and dad before the rain comes”

So the two men picked up the basket and took the baby back to the City. On the way they saw a wild bear, so one of the woodchoppers gave the baby to the other one. He picked up an axe and chopped off the bears head.

The two men then returned to the City and found the parents of the baby.

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