kurtis 100 werd weck 31#

May 21st, 2012 | Posted by kurtisoak111 in 100 Word

Moby what is it I think I is a zombie land do you relay think that yes Tim do you want to go in there yes. So we went in omg zombies runnnnnnnn for  you’re.  life a car lets rid it isn’t working we are going to die now we are not im running for my life owe ye iv got a gun bang bang bang die die die there dead les go and see if we can kill the king. zombie dope dope do wa im gun a kill the zombie king hello tow be continued next time

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  • Judith Atwood (Team 100WC) says:

    Hi, Kurtis! Well, you must have been very excited when you wrote this 100WC. I can feel you through your words. Next time, remember that there may be very old people, like me, who don’t know what omg means, so you might want to write it out. Please keep entering the 100WC every week — I am anxious to see how your writing changes!

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