charlie hundred word week 31#

May 22nd, 2012 | Posted by charlieoak11 in 100 Word

obi wan kenobi and anikin skywallker were looking for Mr. ponoochee and then they found the sepretist base! Then  nute gunray cort them and they were put to jail . Then they escaped by using there lightsabers  to cut thou the wall so they  stared  to look for Mr.ponoochee again then they found R2-D2 and then they had a lunch break. then they found Mr.ponoochee then they put him in jail.  then he escaped again so they went to the Jedi council to ask what to do and then they went to get him again. But before they coued get to the ship anikin and obi wan where called back to the Jedi council   for a meeting.

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