poppy week 32#

May 23rd, 2012 | Posted by poppyoak11 in 100 Word

I think Mr Edwards  should buy us  some tropical  fish because they are easy to look after, and on the summer holidays or when we stay of we   could take it in turns to look after them and take them home . It would also  teach us to look after and care for pets witch is a good lesson in life. They would be very colourful in the classroom,then we would look forward to coming to school every morning. So this is why mr edwards should buy us some tropical fish. It would make us a very happy class indeed.

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  • poppyoak11 says:

    dear mrs doebley,
    i like that your persuaded to buy oak class some tropical fish thank you for your comment from poppy

  • Mrs. Doebley (Team 100WC) says:

    You’ve given three very good reasons for Mr. Edwards to buy the tropical fish. A very good beginning, middle and end to this 100WC. You’ve persuaded me–I’d buy them for you! (English Teacher, Ocean City, NJ, USA)

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