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May 24th, 2012 | Posted by williamoak11 in 100 Word

The 100 word challenge is fun because it helps you to write a story in text on the computer or laptop in schools around the world. Every week there is a new prop in a video or in  writing. 100 Word is a way to get more people onto your blog. 100 word made the night zoo keeper website. It will help with work in English and ICT in school and at home. Ask your teacher to have a blog on primaryblogger. We are already on it. Remember to keep writing on 100 word. Next week is week 33  on the 100 word        website and well done to everyone who took part.



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  • Miss Robbins (Team 100WC) says:

    Hello William,
    This is my first week reading 100WC so it’s fantastic to read all about what it’s like to take part from you and all the other children who blog on here. I like how you are encouraging others to get involved, I’m definitely thinking of getting my class involved in September.
    Do you prefer the writing or video prompts?

  • Mrs Skinner says:

    Well done for congratulating everyone William. We all need praise for our work don’t we? I hope you enjoy taking part in 100wc.

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