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September 25th, 2014 | Posted by mollysdrybrook14 in 100 Word

Once upon a time there  was a  girl called Molly and she had a dog called Harry and she  had a Crocidile his name was called orange . they had a Masive  house . they went to school a they met a new boy called Damian he was nice his really cleaver and funny . it was the end of school and Molly had loads of home work  it was the next  she had done all of  her home work . she saw Damian  he said”hello” i gust walked away from him it was the end of the day Molly had no home work she  saw Damian he  said i like you.

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  • Miss Johnston (100WC team UK) says:

    Well tried Molly, you’ve managed to get two of the prompt words into your story. You’ve begun to use some descriptive words too. I like the words ‘clever and funny’ it tells me what type if person Damian was. You must make sure you’re using capital letters accurately in your writing in future though! Keep up the hard work 🙂

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