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October 9th, 2014 | Posted by mollysdrybrook14 in 100 Word

Once upon a time there was a girl called Molly she loved dogs because  they were so cute.  When she lived  by here self  she got 20000000 thousand dogs and she took them for five walks  a day some in the morning some in the afternoon  . In the morning the door rang  it was Millie that was Molly’s best friend she  said I  forget my bag okay come in my  house   lily will jump up at you. Do you  want to come over tonight no said Millie okay .so she went away treat time dogs.  It was lunch time dogs had there lunch.she phoned Tanya said she was busy okay she said good night and had a lonely lady.THE END





said she was

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  • Fiona Thomas Team 100WC says:

    Hello Molly
    It is great to see you writing for 100WC but you haven’t followed the prompt. Each week there is a given thing which you should write about and this week it was about being able to see again.
    I did enjoy your story though and I guess you are the Molly in the story who loves dogs. Do you have one at home? They do need walks in the morning and evening and do love their treats don’t they? I have a beagle called Walter and I don’t think I’ll ever be lonely with him around as he is good company.

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