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October 20th, 2014 | Posted by megancdrybrook14 in Uncategorized

Once upon a time there were twins calld Olie and Max.  Olie and Max has 2 sistars calld Maisy and Poppy. Poppy is nine and Masiy is ninteen. Olie sad to Poppy and Maisy “do you wunt to play crikit” yes sad Poppy but Masiy sad in ten minits I am panting my tose. Ten minets lator Masiy cam awt.  So wat are we playing a gen? We are playing crikit na sad Masiy.  Masiy sad tomoroe lets go and see that creepy casale. Masiy went in the haws and watcht telivishan. Poppy cam in and sad”you are ment to be at street dance” I sad this weck I am not going. Sevan a cloke thay went to bed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   To be continyood.


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