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As he started they looked and ran,the people from the other side of the village did not recognise him,he didn’t know why then he looked at himself in a crazy little mirror.Shocked,scared,devastated, “how did this happen to me I look like a prince but why? I don’t want to!” Then he thought why am I here,the only last thing I remember is falling asleep last night in the rainforest.Anyway he didn’t care how he looked so he got up bashed his foot and stormed off to go see how he ended up back at his village. Unusually he picked up the mirror and smashed it against his knee then he went and stepped foot into the rainforest all he could see were tree’s grass and rain animals,but then he saw something extraordinary “it’s a girl” he was out-mazed by the beauty on the girl’s blossoming face.He was so tired he daydreamed about the girl,but he thought it was no time for romance he had to get the reason why he woke up in his village so he kept travelling against the twisted concrete path.After all the gibber-jabber he found out it was cause the girl walked him home then someone must’ve texted him saying that the same girl that was lying in the rainforest got knocked out.


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