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January 5th, 2015 | Posted by archiedrybrook14 in Uncategorized

As he started they ran throw the forest I was running a long way and I was starting to get tired so hid some were.they walked very slow past so I ran home and played. Amazingly, I forgotten what happened yesterday so I went to the park to play with my friends it was Christmas eve so I was very, very , excited so now it is night time. when I got up I ran down stairs and sore lots of amazing presents so my brother got up but my mum and dad didint get up so me and my brother played intill mum and dad got up they and happly ever after.

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  • Heidi (Team 100WC New Zealand) says:

    Hello Archie. Well done, I really enjoyed your 100WC! Don’t forget to proof-read your work though, to catch any spelling or punctuation errors!

  • Ms. Davis (Team 100WC) says:

    Hi Archie,

    Thank you for sharing your blog post, but I have some questions for you. Who is “he” that you write in the first sentence? It seems that you were being chased, were you?

    Ms. Davis (Team 100WC)

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