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31 December 11:58


I was nominated by the queen, to do the firework display and I had the biggest part! The people next two me were my best of friends, Ashley and Archie. ( Kinda ironic both of my friends begin in A)



Ok everyone in the London eye are setting up the fireworks up ready for 12:00. every one had about 100o fireworks.


20 seconds till new years


I was setting my fie works alight and reading the labels incace the fireworks are eleagle,fireing my matches ready for 12:00 


10 seconds till new year


setting the fireworks of is hard work  learned that from expearience then



Archie was messing around and as he started goofing around the fireworks they blinded him !!!!!!!!!!!!!


the fireworks went on it was the prettiest thing since the last Aphrodite sighting I fall in love but I needed  concentration two set the fire behind the London eye off


new years day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it was a success new year was a success except for the blinding.

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  • Mrs Johnson (Team 100) says:

    Hi Sophie. I like your idea of being nominated by the Queen to set out the New Year’s fireworks display. ” It was the prettiest thing since the last Aphrodite sighting” – what a lovely way of describing the fireworks! However, the way you organised your writing makes it rather difficult to read, It would be great if you could include the 100WC prompt., too. It it always good to read your work through to ensure you haven’t missed out any punctuation.
    Thank you for entering 100WC 🙂
    Mrs Johnson, Team 100
    Northampton, England

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