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As she stard they saw her and started to chase after her she ran into a old mans barn the man was called dave / digger he had lots of diggers green red evry couler. They was very rer traters then in that time so the old man was happy to have the lot traters.
Topbord tom chated to old man dave diggers and his wife an the wich wached chanle 5 news with friends marged and ted. Continued to wach caanle 5 news the presenter was kidnapped by by the people who ran after margret.

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  • Mr Collard Team 100wc says:

    Hello Joel,
    This is a great effort! You have written an interesting story with some good description. Before you post, make sure you read your work through carefully and check spellings and full stops so that it all makes sense. Keep going with your writing. Well done!

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