Madison Week 32 Everyone should have a drum

May 27th, 2012 | Posted by madisonoak11 in 100 Word

I wish that we could all have a drum so we can beat them and make a tune and make a band. If you like music then we will enjoy it and it will make you happy. Music makes you want to dance. When I dance it makes me happy. A drum is a funny shape and it makes a funny noise. If you like drums we will have to get some. Drums are really loud and really good fun. Drums are difront colours. They are really good fun and pretty colours. Everyone should have a drum to make music.

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  • Mrs Shaw says:

    Hello Madison,

    How lovely that you like the sound of drums so much, and you are right music can make you feel very happy and want to dance. Your writing brought back some fond memories of my wonderful Grandfather who was a saxophonist and played in a band, there was often drumming, too. Your opening sentence evokes a particularly wonderful thought; that we could all come together and create a band, what a lovely idea and your final sentence is very persuasive telling us that everyone should have a drum to make music. Thank you for sharing your lovely writing with the 100wc.

    Mrs Shaw(Team 10wc)

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