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January 14th, 2015 | Posted by caitlinoak12 in Uncategorized

Excitedly on Tuesday my best friend Kelsey was coming round.Then finally Kelsey arrived at my house because we have only just had are dining room light changed me and Kelsey went in the dining room we turned the light on and then we both said to each other “that lights to bright.”Then me and Kelsey was so so surprised when nice thick snow came flying out of the sky it was so pretty.Me and Kelsey quickly rushed to put our shoes on then we ran out the door and started laughing and smiling at each other we built a snowman and had a snow ball fight it was the best day ever.

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  • Mrs Boyce @ Team 100WC says:

    Hi Caitlin,
    Thank you for entering this week’s 100 Word Challenge.
    I enjoyed reading your story. We have just had some snow here in Ireland so I can really relate to the fun you had building snowmen and throwing snowballs. My children had great fun in the snow as well. They were sorry though, that it didn’t last very long. I wonder will we get more snow?
    To be grammatically correct you should use” Kelsey and I”.

    I look forward to reading more adventures from you during the year.
    Mrs Boyce @ Team 100 WC
    Cork, Ireland

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