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The lost dogs

Once upon a time there were twins called Molly and Megan.

Molly and Megan  where going on holiday.

Five awers later they where at the holiday cottig.

Whast there mum and dad was  un  loading the car Molly and Megan went to ixplor.

Molly and Megan went in to the cottig to sea what was there.

They trnd the citchin light on and the light was so bright thay cold not sea.

Then there mum and dad trnd the light off.

Then thay ixplord the woods and fawnd a big cag  whithone mum and one dad dog whith twenty puppys.

Thay took them bake to the cottig and sad to there mum and dad”can we ceap them.” There mum and dad sead we can ceap them.


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