Lion Exciting Danced Cornflake Drum

June 11th, 2015 | Posted by megancdrybrook14 in Uncategorized

Once upon a time there was a lion that was exiting because, it danced  wast playing the corn flake drum. Ovisly  it was the land of toys, no other land was like this.  Toys raled the land.  Theye made rawls , and concerd quests! Once a year they held a concert in the tawn squere. This year the lion that was exiting thate danced wast playing the corn flake drum.  The lion got tresherd and treated. HE hopt skipt and jumpt back home. Sudenly a party popper popt, “SUPRISE!”  They parted all day and night,but dident get tiyard. Singin,dansing and jumping, dancing to the beet of the music.



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