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June 11th, 2015 | Posted by hopedrybrook14 in Uncategorized

One day my friend Ellie came up my house and we had some sweets, we had chocolate buttons, american hard gums, milk duds and we had cookie dough milkshakes and skittle milkshakes.Also we done a toxic waste challenge they was so sour it made our tongues tingle.After we played a board game Ellies Favourite is elefun and monopoly mine are guess who and monopoly after we then had tea Ellie asked for chicken nuggets that’s our favourite then we had pudding I love cookie dough ice cream so that’s what I had Ellie had her favourite chocolate fudge cake after we went in my tent in the back garden and we gave Scamp Lucy and Daisy a cuddle by the time we had finished it was time for Ellie to go home so me and my dad took her home and she didn’t want to go home she loved my house.After we had taken her back me and my family sat down and watched some telly then me and my sister went to watch telly in bed we went to bed at 9 0 clock then we watched telly until 11 0 clock after that it was time to go to bed then my mum went to bed.WE HAD A GREAT DAY! THE END !

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