poppy week 34#

June 7th, 2012 | Posted by poppyoak11 in 100 Word

dear fatima,

my name is poppy I am nine years old My life is completey diffrent to yours.Wwe dont worry about food or stariving to death.In your country you only get a small amount of food but in our country we get what ever we want.And we can also afford to go to school then we can go to school and learn new things. Your life might be sad bbut at least your alive.Are life is better but hopefully some one can help you.My life is simple and easy, iget woke upp in the morning have breakfeast and then go to school at five past nine .

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  • amberoak11 says:

    To poppy i really like your story is the best story ever 😛

  • Miss Wells (Team 100wc) says:

    Hi Poppy, well done for completing the 100 word challenge. I find it interesting when I think about all the things I have, which others may not, it makes me glad of the life I have and how I can help those who do not have as much. You wrote a lovely piece of writing but do remember that you need capital letters at the start of your sentences. Keep up the great writing; I look forward to reading more.

    • poppyoak11 says:

      Thanks miss Wells for given me advice in my writing it is very helpful and you have understand in our contrey we can have whatever we want and whenever we want and other pepole like Fatima or any other poor kids don’t that’s why we need to respect our things we have. Beucse know body haves what we have

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