charlie 100 word chalenge week 33#

June 12th, 2012 | Posted by charlieoak11 in 100 Word

Hello my names charlie I live in the forest of dean. I like to wach tv or play video games apart from when Im at school. I’ve got one sister who is 12 years old.I’m learning  judo. My favorite  thing to do is draw.  My favorite food is apples. I play drums.  My favorite lesson is maths. I’ve got two cats.  My favorite animal is a monkey. My Dad plays guitar. My sister plays piano. My sisters favorite animal is a panda.  My favorite color is red.  My favorite drink is Pepsi.   My favorite football team is Liverpool. My sisters favorite food is chocolate.

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  • Mrs Skinner says:

    Hello Charlie!
    I’m sure Fatima would be very envious of your life. It is so sad that she does not have the things we take for granted isn’t it? Thank you for joining this special 100WC

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