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June 11th, 2012 | Posted by tobyoak11 in 100 Word

My name is Toby Devlin and i am 8 years old i play football evey day my favorite team is liver pool my 2  favorite team is Barcelona my 3 favorite team is Portugal in England it is beautiful here i love it here because you see  London and Newquay and liver pool some time it is hot some times it is rany some time a bit of both and then you see a rambo i like rin bos because thay hav culuser like red andblue and yelo and gree and perpol but  some time thay are all cinds of clulus.


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  • 4amWriter/Team 100 WC says:

    Hi Toby, great job with the challenge. It sounds like you are a big football fan. Here in the United States we call it soccer, and ‘football’ for us is a completely different sport! I liked reading this a lot.

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