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May 7th, 2012 | Posted by kateoak11 in 100 Word

Once upon a time there was a marvellous princess called dreamypants thay have a lovley pink castle covered in roses. Do you now why the princess name was dreamypants well it started like this her original name was saskia and she was not a princess. She was walking along a path one day and she heard a noise it was a cackeling sound and then a bang she went to investagate it was an old woman she took her to the hospital the woman just managed to say you may have 2 wishes I wish to be a princess and I shall be called dreamypants.

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  • Mr Kenyon (Team 100wc) says:

    Hi Kate & thank you for entering the 100wc this week! You have used the prompt well to create an imaginative piece of writing which I really enjoyed reading.

    I like the way you used a question (remember the question mark!) as this draws the reader in and makes them want to find out more. A way to improve is to think carefully about the punctuation you are using – where should the full stops and capital letters go? Also, remember to use speech marks when someone is speaking!

    Keep on blogging, Katie!
    Mr K 🙂

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