Homework and independence in Oak class.

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There is a big focus on being more independent in Oak class and this is reflected in how homework is structured. Children will be tasked with the responsibility to listen, record and hand in completed homework tasks by a set deadline. Often this will be a research task which will be open in terms of how much effort is put in and how it is presented.

The class will also be introduced to new websites and online learning tools which they can use at home to support this process. Edmodo is a space we use to communicate outside of school and the class is able to ask me questions during evenings and over the weekend related to homework and other school tasks. This is also a space where they can upload work and I can leave my feedback and next steps – which both child and parent can view.

XtraMaths is a piece of software which is focused on the rapid recall of number bonds for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This is something we use at school each day but it can also be completed at home in the evenings and weekends. It only takes around 5min to complete.

To begin with the class will find some of this new and challenging but it is amazing how quickly the class handle these new tools and growing expectations. Within a few weeks they’ll begin getting to grips with theses changes and by Christmas they’ll be working happily in this way, with greater confidence and greater control over their own learning.

Usernames and passwords
We will use a number of online tools over the course of the year. Most of these can also be used at home. I have tried to keep login details as similar for each site as possible, details are below.
The class email we use is: ipad.drybrookschool@gmail.com
Our username tends to have the same format of : namedrybrook15
Our passwords should either be: drybrook or our Sumdog one.

Our spelling lists and current homework titles can be found on our Storehouse page by clicking the image below:


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