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Oak class dance festival 2014:

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Mr Edwards Chinese exchange videos Summer 2013

Mr Edwards is working at a summer school in Plymouth this year and he’ll be working with lots of Chinese students. So we decided we wanted to tell them about what it’s like in England and ask them to tell us lots about China in return, so we made these videos …


Below are the replies from the Chinese students:


11 Responses

  • Sienna in Ash class says:

    That is HUGE!!!, I wonder what the area of Russia is, my cousin is from Russia.

  • Abi from Ash class says:

    It looks like you had lots of fun at Lakers Gym! did you go there for a school trip?

  • Fancy says:

    Reply to Rhiannon and Joe’s question:
    I’m come from Shanghai which is an international city in China.With the development of technology,Shanghai changed a lot.The sign of Shanghai maybe the higher building,the faster speed life style,the more convenient and comfortable living environment.There are many flowers and trees here,with fresh air and blue sky.Shanghai is a beautiful city and hold the EXPO 2010.If you are a new comer,you won’t worry about your trip,because people here is friendly.

  • Evelyn says:

    Reply to “Forest of Dean”
    It’s lovely to know where you from looks like. As I’m a high-mover,because my relatives are all over the country,I visit many,many cities around China , from north to south. I live in Shanghai for most of my live but my mother was born in the north part of China while my father from south. Do u know that the shape of map of China looks like a chicken? Then my mum is from the neck of it and my father is from the belly. I know more about my father’s place. It’s a small city called Fuzhou. And actually the whole province was in hills. Just look the horizon,there is where the mountains stand. When it’s rains, u can see clouds of steams come out from the mountain. As it’s a small city but it’s still lots of people,well,not as crowed as Shanghai anyway. It’s a place very near to the sea like yours. There is spa there as well. So here is a good place to spend my holiday. Hope u guys will come to China one day~ cheers~!

  • Max says:

    Where I come from is a city called Taiyuan.It’s the capital city of Shanxi Province and it’s located in the center of the province.Taiyuan has a long history of more than 2500 years.I can still recall the 2500 years anniversary back in my primary school. The city is leading a path of development on technology, tourism and energy. The city is developing very fast and has many historical sites.It’s worth a visit.

  • Claire.Zhuang says:

    It is realy great honour to get imformation about Britian from primary school children here. And i am very glad to say something about the name of Chinese people.Generally,there are two or three words in a person’s name and there are also people with four words in their name. Different from British names , Chinese names do not have ‘popular names’ because we use different words to indicate different meanings .What i mean is, if a person has three words in his or her name, the first word must be the family name (usually same as his or her father). It is not easy to find people with same names unless your name is very common.

  • Fancy says:

    Reply to Rhiannoe and Joe’s question:
    I’m come from Shanghai which is an international city in China and hold the EXPO 2010.There are many tall buildings in Shanghai,with fresh air and blue sky.Many people come from different places and countries are doing business or have a trip here. I think the sign of China is high buildings,fast speed life style,convenient service and comfortable living environment.If you are the new comer,you won’t worry about you trip because the people in Shanghai are very nice and friendly.

  • Max says:

    What’s it like where you from in China?
    I come from Taiyuan,capital of Shanxi Province.It’s located in the center of the province.The city has a long history of more than 2500 years.I can still recall the 2500 anniversary back in my primary school.Now the city is leading a path of development on many areas,like technology,energy,tourism and so on.It ‘s a great city with many historical sites and is worth a visit.

  • Rosalind says:

    I live in shanghai, a big city. China has a large population, near 1.4 billion people, and there are about 30million residents in shanghai. Because of the huge amount of people, the traffic in shanghai is always crowd in rush hours. There are many shopping center and shopping is the most common hobby for people live in shanghai. If you have chance to come to shanghai, I hope you will love it!

  • Jasper says:

    There are a lot of options in my university. We can play basketball,football,baseball,golf and so on.Actually,our basketball team is one of the best inthe country.As for me,I enjoy football very much. I play as a defender.My favourite team is Manchester United. I think it is the best team in the world. Sir Alex is the spirit of the team.He will be remembered for what he had achieved.

  • Eric says:

    Thx guys~for your videos,and here are my answers:the area of Shanghai is 6340.5 kilometer squared,the population is about 24million,and the most common tree is Chinese parasol tree,and the most common wild life is sparrow.

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