Riley’s hundred word challenge

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One Halloween night, a boy called Tom was out doing pranks on every body and when they dropped there sweets he would put them in his bag. 

Then he came home one night and his mother said,” did you have a great time?”

Tom smiled and said,” yes I did mummy” then in a flash he went to his room to eat his sweets then after 20 minutes he came down from his room and his mum cooked tea and Tom was eating his sweets but then he ate one sweet but it wasn’t like a normal sweet because it stuck to his tongue and his mum said,” stop tingling ” and Tom said,”but when I ate that sweet  it made my tongue tingle.


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One day I had popping candy but as it tingled it spawned a popping candy monster. The only way to defeat it was to eat it but i said no.  But it was the only way to deafeat it befor it takes over the hole world. So i done it so i got to it. It took me one hour but arfter that my mouth was popping like mad so a drank some water witch helped a lot. Then i went to have a smothie at Mr E shop witch is really nice.  then i went home to have a bbq i had a hot dog…..

And a burger THE END


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Once upon a time there were twins called Charlie and Hannah.

Charlie has a pet dog and Hannah has a pet giant rabbit.

One day they let the door open to let some air come in to the house, but the pet dog and rabbit ran striate ought  the door when there backs were turned. When they realised the pets where gone they didn’t panic  but it made there tongues tingle. Luckily they lived in the cuntre side, SO they looked in the meadow and fawnd the rabbit, then they looked in the woods and fawned the dog. They  set home and had a relaxin hot choclat and biscuit.

Charlotte’s 100wc

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One lovely day, I woke up in a great mood and I saw loads of chirping birds on my bed, they gave me some sour sweets I ate a cola bottle I thought it would be sweet but it made my tongue tingle instead. After I went downstairs to get some Scary Salamander breakfast and inside of the box I found a mini sticky alien toy that looked like Star Lord in a cape, then I got dressed ready for school but then found out that it wasn’t school so I got back into my pyjamas and back into bed. My mum woke me up again five minutes later and we went to Gloucester for a girly day.

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Deacons 100wc

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One day the light was so bright a boy called Deacon he was riding his coma shred BMX  through the woods and then came across his friend Ollie and they hung out in their tree house and had cherry aid and a cake each.Ollie said ”I have to go now dude.” Deacon said ”OK man.”And with that they went to bed.Next morning they went to buy paint ball guns and armour for all their friends and had a massive paint ball war!Damien,Ryan,Ollie and Deacon had a team one which has Damien and Ryan verses team two which was Ollie and Deacon. to be continued …

lily the light was to dright wc

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ONE sunni mornning i wak up one of my freneds said ‘ the light was to briht ” so I said ‘so we still haf to do wrok ” . then I went to the park whith Hope but then I fogot that i had a runny ress at Hopes homes at 5.50 whehn it was sgampwse brithday ,but then normal ne,died me for his homework . Then Hope was mad at me . Nice, happy mis said” you are going awt to park ” then Hope said”yes . Then we,ll get some sweets” ok” molly youare a star . Then we went to my mums home in londen then new york

One day my best friend Caitlin cam over for my Christmas party and soon we was going to tern the Christmas lights on and when we terned them on caitlin said oh my god they are so so bright and terned the music on and we danced away and then we went up in my room and played with my ipad then we went out side to play in the snow it was so so fun we had a snow ball fit and we bilt a snowman i loved caitlin coming over i would love it if she was my sister .


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The lost dogs

Once upon a time there were twins called Molly and Megan.

Molly and Megan  where going on holiday.

Five awers later they where at the holiday cottig.

Whast there mum and dad was  un  loading the car Molly and Megan went to ixplor.

Molly and Megan went in to the cottig to sea what was there.

They trnd the citchin light on and the light was so bright thay cold not sea.

Then there mum and dad trnd the light off.

Then thay ixplord the woods and fawnd a big cag  whithone mum and one dad dog whith twenty puppys.

Thay took them bake to the cottig and sad to there mum and dad”can we ceap them.” There mum and dad sead we can ceap them.



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One day there was a light which was so bright it shone like a some ones eyes feflekting from the light  as bright  it was so bright  my eys   began to water.

the water dripped  on   the  light blue jumper  dripping thhrow the blue sweter  with was   mad out of cotan wull.  The teer dripped  down to the  hard ground   soled ground  on to the pavement  and down the derty drayn   and into the derty water  splashed and half of the water fell out the deep and dark drayn   bam splash  waters evry things gone   im so sad no water

Freya 100 wc

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That morning, Megan was on the telephone all morning and her daughter, Molly S was bored. Then, a tornado came and she was blown to Wonderland. She met some munchkins and then she met a lovely good witch and she gave her some magical ruby slippers. Then, the bad witch came and she was gelus and she wanted them as well. She went for a walk and the bad witch came and she finally escaped. As she went too the good witch, she said, “can you throw the bad witch in prison”? And then she woke up and was lively.

Chelsea’s 100wc

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The gargoyle part 3


When Charlotte finished she called Mckenzie to come and collect it.


When Mckenzie and Mercedes got to the tailor shop, Charlotte gave them the dress and said to Mckenzie,

“Be careful with the dress I made it so you would look beautiful for your party.”

Mckenzie nodded gently.

Mckenzie and Mercedes left for the party, when they got there she saw the most handsome man in her life.

She walked over to him and said

“What is your name young fellow?”

“Damian” he replied kindly.

“That’s a lovely name” said Mckenzie.

Mckenzie went to dance but Damian stopped her and said

“Will you dance with me?”

Mckenzie blushed.


To be continued………

molly s 100WC

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The light  was so bright  it  made   Hope  was  playing  in the park.Hope went to here house to see here dog that is called scamp and here mum and dad .She went to bed then it was the next day .Hope went to here school she had PE and maths .She went  home with her friend Millie .When hope got home she took scamp for a walk  she came back  .It was Hopes  birthday  she had 100  people coming to her birthday  party so they had to do it at her  castle  .when she was older she lived in her castle.


































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One day in the wood’s it was so bright because it was a hot day and their was a boy named Ollie.Then he bumps in to

a old friend called Deacon so we hang out around the pub.And had a lemon aid then Deacon went home then the next day we went to build a tree house.And lived in their then Ollie got some cherry aid then we messed a bin up and tennerd it in to a monster then had fun with it and tricked a old man.Then we ran away to get some pets like a monkey or a dragon…






bethany 100wc

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one day in a far a wau calas there was a prinsse called ashaly and her dog called hope and thay live biue a vili in drybrook and the villigas are cind and plesunt and the sun is sow prit ove the drybrook vilig sky and the dog is sow swet she nevr bitse the prinsse is so nise he lets the people do wote they wont but her dad cine dean dont let the people do wote they wonte because he is so strict but hope mum quneen kate lets the people dowt wot they wont but her dad is nufing like the hope and kate but the next day hope tokt to her dad about lating the vilingrs dowe wot the wont and he did the end


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One day Bailey   Joel Damien  went to a glow up in the dark mini golf  but the light was so bright we ran mad around  the place. When we went to sleep bailey was so sacred he bloo up and Joel   ,Damien to go to a crematorium to put down some flowers for me because they awast  cared about me so from that day on Joel and Damien had to deal because  im  not alive me life has ended. so Joel and Damien sat down on the sofa to talk about all the happy things that i done for them  Joel said ‘ I whish  bailey was alive the end.

hopes 100wc

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One sunny morning i woke up and went down stairs,i walked into the living room and the light was so bright it nearly blinded me.When i finished my breakfast i went upstairs to get changed,because i was going to meet my friend Bethany with my mum.We went to the park and we went to have a meal Bethany said “where shall we go for dinner,” “i said lets go to McDonald.” She shouted “i love McDonald!” So in he end we went we took are mums and when we had finished we went back to Bethany’s house to play.We had an amazing time we went to take her dg for a walk and when it was time for me to go home she dropped me and my mum off.

Gemma.B 100wc

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It was a sunny morning when i woke up. Suddenly my sister Zosia came in i was seprised that she came in and said why are you in your cloes .

“I said the light was bright so i went and got chanshed” then i went down for breakfast and” my mum said whats going on and” i said i dont no “then mum “said come on i no you ve had a hard time at school” and i was like what do you meen” mum said you have been in bed for over an our now go to school “and they lived happily ever after the end.


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One amazing day a little girl named Olive woke up, and sore it was snowing.         Excitedly, she jumped out of bed and went down stairs,  and put on her gear.

As she opened the door the sun beamed on her the light was so bright she steeped out side and built a snowman.

Happily, excitedly, Olive jumped in the snow crazily as she was playing her friends came over and asked if they were aloud to play with her.

And they all they all played together happily they all built snowmen.

And they all lived happily ever after the end.

seb’s 100 word challenge

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Frosty,cold,snowy the world was at this point there was no sun it was terrible fore the lovely people. But it was wears for Dave and his mum they were poor they had £1234 it was not easy to get food because they had know job.But then the sun came out the light of the sun was SO bright.”its to bright,”said the people.Expect Dave and his mum they loved “its amazing”they said.But the thieves did dent like it cus they were being spoted all the time it was time fore pay back.So this night the thieves got there there weapons and killed nearly every guard in the town.

                                                                             THE END   


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Once a upon a time there was a boy called jack and he liked to play in the snow and get reley muddy and lived alone and had not a dad ore a mum attale so when it was it was so bright he went to play in the sun so he was to hot he went to the rever to get a drink to take home jack went to bed and in the moring he went back outside to play a gen and he went to get a drink a gen and went to bed a gen and he lived happy a gen ever after

The end

Jacks 100wc

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One sunny day,in the Midlands was a girl called Ashley she lived in a butifal cottage she used to play in the fields into it snowed she was so glad she said it was o most like winter her mother came out the cottage and said to Ashley “time to go to bed dear.” “OK “said Ashley.

Couple of months later it was her birthday she was so happy the sun was so bright she went to the beach and she never stopped having fun in until a day later a new Queen concord the country she didn’t know the evil queen destroyed Ashley’s house but a man called Jack rebuilt the house up and made it with a swimming pool because they didn’t have one at the start lived happily ever after.

The End

molly H 100wc

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Bright, sunny, sleepy, i woke up one and the light was so bright i hid underneath my bed cover it was a surprised to see my best friend i was so happy to see her i had not seen her for  sins 2014 i had missed her so so much. But after we had caught up with each other we realised that there was a little world right behind us so, we went to check it out in the world there was a load of really cue puppy dogs me and molly could not resist our self s from.

to be continued




Gemma.H 100wc

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It was a snowy morning all on the rooftops where white and people were slipping over all the slushy white snow it was a snowy morning

all the children were out and about playing and making as little kids should then all so quick down of the roof came old saint nick. He had a light the light was so bright that the little girl couldn’t see then the little girl saw it wasn’t Christmas he said he came to see who’s been good he laughed with a smile you’ve been good so next Christmas you will get a present so off she went and they lived happily ever after The End.

archies 100 word

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Early morning I got up at 6.00 clock and I had my chocolate calender and It was Christmas eve and I was so existed. I went on my ps4 all day and it got to night time so I went to bed. when I got up I ran down stairs and the …the light was so bright so I jumped  on him and he got and then we played in till my mum and dad got up and when they got up we opened my presents and I got things so them  I played on them all day. THE END to be continued…….

caitlins 100 word

January 14th, 2015 | Posted by caitlinoak12 in Uncategorized - (1 Comments)

Excitedly on Tuesday my best friend Kelsey was coming round.Then finally Kelsey arrived at my house because we have only just had are dining room light changed me and Kelsey went in the dining room we turned the light on and then we both said to each other “that lights to bright.”Then me and Kelsey was so so surprised when nice thick snow came flying out of the sky it was so pretty.Me and Kelsey quickly rushed to put our shoes on then we ran out the door and started laughing and smiling at each other we built a snowman and had a snow ball fight it was the best day ever.

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