caitlin 100wc

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As he started they all started to walk, when they finally reached the woods they took the wrong turning and they ended up going on a track they have never been on before. There was long grass, stinging nettles and even little brooks. So we all had to jump over the brook, it was small and there was a really wet slippery log and we held hands and we got across all the brooks. They realised they got a bit lost then they saw the main track again so they had a really long walk it was so so fun.

Gemma b 100wc

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It was christmas time and it was the night before christmas day a little girl couldnt stop thinking what she would get for christmas. She was so excited . Here brother thomas dosent like christmas atall and i cant stop saying to him when the time comes it will feel like christmas when your are opening your presants and eating christmas dinner it will feel really christmasy then. But now it was time to wake up and time to open up all the presants and i went to see my  brother and as he looked around they were all in there mum and dad  and we lived happely ever after. Gemma

Gemma H I00WC

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It was Christmas Eve and all the children were hanging up their stockings and placing by the warm fire was a glass of sherry and eight carrots for the reindeer.Everybody was so excited about the morning when they rush down the staircase to see what they got for Christmas.All Of the Children were tucked up in bed while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads as he started they crept downstairs and to a surprise their stocking was filled with presents and under the Christmas tree was even more presents they started opening their presents and they lived happily ever after

THE END Gemma Ann

Ellies 100 word challenge

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Amazing, pretty, angry A little boy was walking through a swamp he saw this animal in the water but he didn’t know what it was so he walked into the water.The animal creped out of the water and bit his leg and when he jumped out of the water the little boy had some skin missing and his leg was bleeding all all over the side of the swamp. He was shouting mum and dad because he was very hurt he realised that he had his phone in his pocket so he rang his mum and told her the story.

🙂    🙂     🙂

:  )   THE END  🙂

🙂      🙂   🙂

On Christmas eve,A boy named Davie was excited for Christmas. So his parents sent him to bed at 7 o’clock, so they tucked him into bed and Davie was dosing off to sleep. So his parents crept into their bedroom and dosed off too.Davie was dreaming about what he might get for Christmas About a hour later it was Christmas!! So the family woke up, and went down the stairs Davie was going to open his presents. As he started they.. Stopped him “Davie, open your presents off us first..” The Parents said. “We want you to meet someone..” Santa was hiding around the corner.. “Ho ho ho!! Merry Christmas Davie!!” “Santa!!” Davie Shouted.

The End.

Ellies 100 word challenge

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One day I  was walking through  the woods with my friends Molly.  The leaves rustled as we walked along to the shops  to get a pint of milk.So when we got the pint of milk we went to my house to give it to my mum.But  she wasn’t there so I  said to my friend Molly where is she so me and my  friend.  Ran out of the front door and by the front door was three burgalers  and me and my friend said to the burgalers “what have you done with my mum” the burgalers said “we’re not telling you”.


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There was a boy running in the forest and was hiding but as the leaves were rustling they found him and took him away to a house. He ran away and went back to his house and played all day.When I had to get up I played intill it was time to play football for Ross. We won three two and I scored the first goal! After that I went to Aaron house and played on the ps3 on minecraft,gta and fifa 15. So we were on it for a hours in till I went home and went to bed that is my story. The end.

Jacks 100wc

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One day, in a forest there was a little boy walking frue he believed in viscous were wolfs, he fought they were real one night he saw from his bed room window a shadow what looked like a were wolf.

when he was looking at the window, he saw a big shadow like a viscous werewolf shadow he went to descover out side and herd a wolf go woo the boy got scared, and ran back to his front door as the leaves rustled and the werewolf apapered and the boy was trying to get f rue his front door but he couldn’t open it then the werewolf ate him, up for good.

The end

Emily’s 100 wc

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Once upon a time  a  princess called Molly lived in a wonderful castle covered in flowers .  Molly had a baby called Emily. One  winter day  Molly went for a walk in the but as the leaves rustled there wasn’t a sound. She ran back to the castle and ran through the doors and said “There is something freaky going on in the woods.2  She  sat down and had a nice fresh cup of tea. Emily came in to the room and sat down next to Molly.

One hour later they went to the dining room and sat at the table

………………..TO BE  CONTINUED…………………….





Gemma Ann 100wc

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One day there was a little girl who lived on the mountains she lived in a little wooden hut,She lived with her grandfather and her name was Heidi.She had a friend called Peter that lived at the bottom of the mountain peter had some goats but as the leads rustled she didn’t know what it was. But then she saw Peter with his goats. Peter was ten he didn’t go to school so he couldn’t read. Heidi couldn’t either. Then it turned bedtime Heidi said”I’ll sleep up here grandfather. In the morning she came down the creaky staircase. She walked outside to see peter and his goats.
“Hello Peter”.
Heidi had to go to her grandma so she said goodbye.

molly s 100 wc

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 but as the leaves rustled…the princess walked in the garden they were called Emily and molly .They had a dogs called Megan and Ollie .Ollie was Molly’s and Megan was Emily s.  they had  massive house  they have  2,0000  rooms  so they slept. In the morning  they got changed because there was a ball  that was going on at molly’s brothers house so they were going to go to the ball so they got ready.they put there make-up  and dress and shoes .they were there they were dancing .Then  a boy went up and said hello and danced they lived happily ever after.











Chelsea 100wc

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…He was shocked to find a little girl called Charlotte in the bag.  She knew karate so she started hitting the man in the face. He ran away screaming his head off.

“Get off of me now please?!” he shouted

Charlotte got back in the bag and kept quiet for a moment thinking the man was weird. The man went back to Charlotte and said “you are a naughty little girl aren’t you.” He said miserably.

He when outside for some fresh air and watched the leaves fall to the ground. But as the leaves rustled the man noticed  and said how on earth did you get here…

to be continued next time



ashley 100 wc.

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Once a upon a time there was a boy called Ollie and Damian and they liked to play togever but they fight but the nex day thay went to school to tall the techey to look at what they have made but he said go away and sit down and lican to him  but they where upset they cudunt show it.But when school was other they trid to tall the thecher but he didunt whont to liscun to them at tall so they went home sad.But then they saw a man to help them so he talled them to lisun it was a sequt so he tall them to keep it a sequt and thay livd hapily ever after the end.

Riley’s 100 word challenge

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So far in this story a man who is called metal head had found a zoo keeper then the zoo keeper ran and hid away so metal head wants the zoo keeper to be caught, because he might tell the president of the United States what metal head might have done.

The zoo  keeper was still running then he stopped but as the leaves rustled two of metal head’s robots went flying passed the zoo keeper and didn’t know he was there so he ran away the other direction.

Then the zoo keeper came across  a hotel then he had a look at the sun and he stade there for the night.


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Once upon a time there was a boy called mark and he had a dad and a mum.One day Mark went for a walk. As he heard the leaves rustle he heard a wolf! so suddenly he ran as fast as he could but suddenly he got cornered and all most got court but luckily mark went throe his leg’s.And safely got home to his mum and dad so he told his dad and his dad got his axe and chopped him open and they ate him for there dinner so he never seen him again .

The End


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One very long cold day, I went to the forest and all I heard was
the nature rattling and the leaves rustled.All I could smell was the fresh air it was so nice. As she walked along she saw a red,orange and purple leaf. She picked it up and took it home for her brother she went to her brother and said I picked this leaf for you because your doing a leaf collection he tipped his leaves out and he had over one hundred they was so colourful he said thank you sister he told mum how nice his sister was.


kelsey 100 wc

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One frosty morning I went to the spooky dark forest all I herd was the frogs croaking and the leaves rustling in between my feet I ceped wallking and then and could her the frog coming ner me I ran because I did not like frogs I ran home and my house was full of leaves and the leaves was cruching and rusling because they was so anoying she done a leave coleshon the leaves was so so colfull I couldnt look away a teere fall from my iyes what shell I do now I will have a cup of tea and sit down and then I saw a frog in my tea HELP HELP I HAT FROGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today me and Archie went to are base in the woods and that’s where the story start so we got there and we built a den but as the leaves rustled the den broke.”NOO!”we both said well lets do dis thing.First we got sticks then we built it.After 2 hours it was built but then I thought my bottle droped on the floor but it did dent but I did not know that then.I drank from it and there was a slug in it.It was discusting so I went home toled my mum fore the rest of the day.5 days later Its still there.



                                                                                                               the end!    

Damian 100 Word Challenge

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Once upon a time there was a man called Joe and a man called David. They were YouTubers, Joe’s user name was Stampylongnose. ( Also known as  Stampy.) David’s was Ibillsticsquid. ( Also known as Squid.) But when Squid was making a video as the leaves rustled it crashed Squids internet. Luckily Stampy was filming, but it was a two player map. Stampy was divested that he had to turn off his camera. When Squid got his internet back he realised that he missed his video he cheeked his subscribers he had none.

Meganc 100wc

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Once upon a time there was a magical  teanajar calld Molly and a magic  baby calld Emily.  Oune day Molly and Emily wear walking in the woods and then hird a russel in the leavs and a jiant rabbit hoppt awt. Molly said to Emily” shall we take him home ” yes said Emily. Molly drove home and Emily chose a name  and calld him Floppsy. Then Molly used her magic pawers and made Floppsy talk.  Molly, Emily Flopsy went to the plagrawnd. Emily frose Molly but Floppsy un frose Molly.  They then went to the sweet shop thay bawt a lolly poppe and that was it.

Gemma b 100wc

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One day i looked out the window and saw a butefull burd.It was so lovely that i wished i had one.After i saw the burd fly away but as the leaves busled they all flow away.When i went down stars my mum shouted its nearly christmas then i shouted yes its achely christmas.Then i had my faverut breackfust weaterbicks. After i went out side to play then i saw my friend kira we played with each other.Then it was lunch time and kira had to go home. Then i was sad i went back in.Mum said why are you sad because you called me in well you can go and play over hers next time so they lived happily ever after.

The robber opened the bag, The kitten meowed loudly.”What..?” He said The robber ran he went out into the forest behind Megan And Abbie’s house. But as the leave’s rustled Megan Was behind the tree Abbie was too,Abbie was shaking the leaves and creeping the robber out. Megan quickly jumped out “RAHHH! GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE! AND OUR FOREST!” She said the robber said “So..? What are you gonna do?? :D” He laughed. “WE’LL CALL THE POLICE!..HOW ABOUT WE DO IT NOW??” Abbie asked loudly,   “Hello? This is the police department how can we help?” “Yeah.. We had a break in our house and we caught the robber-…..”



Deacon’s 100wc

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He was shocked to find a….dark blue creature it showed him the future a happy family then he saw him self laughing no that was not him he never laughed.He fainted  and his robot guards helped him up and asked him”what did you see”?He did not answer he kicked a guard out of the way and ran to his secret base full of traps.A guard came and tried to cheer his master up but it did not work his master dissembled  the evil robot and made a big metal sculpture it was him.He laughed,smiled and hugged him self he also ran to his minions and smiled.



Bethany 100wc

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He was shocked to find a princess ling on the  floor singing fireworks  so the prince went to see her but she walked away FROM him . cheekily monkey stole his hat when he was dancing .


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Sneakilydameun  niked a football from my hose  then I rang the cops. Exleten I scora trey then we wine the Mach and we got a me doll each but I got a trolley then went home sudleyI had a shocked, be us my uncollected daddy and I didn’t nose till the neck day thenIt wasIs frontline then I was cryind hen my mum and my dad then Ghent home and plad on my x box gams. cheekily, I stol a bis it unusually,I wosh uptheplast

Molly H 100wc

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…He was shocked to find the light of the world in the little tiny bag. Unusually the the man screamed his head of, and no longer did he have pitch black eyes because they  turned bright blue the lights shone like the beautiful glamours shiny stars in the pitch black sky. Terrified, shocked, surprised,the man looked in the bag one more time and smiled to his self,  he slowly and carefully put his hand in and pulled his hand straight back out. Every one thought the would do something bad but did he or did he not who knows…


by molly h









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