molly s 100wc

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He was shocked to find a  human in the bag that had some stones and wood .Cheekily, he tried to get out but they got it. Scared,based,frighted,that he was there so he said why have you got me i haven’t done anything.So why do you what me because we didn’t know that you were in there  so we might let you go may be .So they said come with me and please stay for  a Min or two the human said all right . So the human just wanted to get out of here so they walked around but in the end he went.the end



He was shocked to find in the bag a man he    the ran.”Get him”!!!!!!!All the lords  robots tried to get him the man  ran to the only safe place on the dark earth.He Finely made it ”HELLO!”hello young one”said the good lord ”you archly survived”said the good lord ”yep”said the man ”your a hero you know” said the good lord ”really”said the man ”yep. And your first mission is to spy on the lord but before you do that you need to train”.10 days later your reddy when he got there he kicked the door open he sneaked in. Sneakily he ran to a wall exited thrilled  amazed he herd this ”he escaped the human yes I know we are building a bomb to kill him.

                                                                                                            To be continued!!!

kelsey 100 wc

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He was shocked to find in side the bag there was a blue diamonded with a rare magic powerful wand he took them with him and took them home . Cheekily the evil mettle man tried to have all the magic in the world but he wasn’t strong enough . He got really angry he said to his self I cant stand it.
Finally he had all the magic in the world
Exited, relifed , surprised that he had all that magic oh how he giggled and giggled a man herd him it was the oner of the diamonded he hid behind the bins but he moved and the oner was his dad they both had a tear from there eyes they both went home together they both lived happily ever after THE END !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacks 100wc

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The dark dark day in the woods was an evil man he was called the scary night zoo keeper and he had these robot spiders.

Silently he creped and looked at the bag he checked inside and it was a robot chicken what bit,hurted and resaled.

When they walked back to the lear they locket up the chicken robot 2 days later he lay’d 200 eggs and the master killed the eggs so no more chickens come up.

The lord left and his guards were guarding the jail with no one in it the lord left and lived happily ever arfter.

THE END by Jack brain

The filthy animal.

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He was shocked to find a cold despread Animal .

Unusually, the man finds a filthy rich Animal .

shocked , devastated and dazed the poor Animal din’t know where it was .

with a proper knife the man was about to kill the animal.

But he  couldn’t  with a flash of light the Animal ran out the door.

So they went out to catch it.

They caught the Animal ,when the man picked up the Animal they realised the animal was a puppy. they took him to the pound .

And there they said “hear is a puppy.” The pound said “we don’t want it ……..

archie 100 word 12

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He was shocked to find the first bit of grass ever so he planted it. Cheekily he said to the robot that i found the first grass ever and he checked on it 2 hours a go and it still hasent grone. black,dark,scarey, there is no light outside and grass, sun,moon,trees and live.there is no electric so all he can do is make robots like he has he has made 54 robots and they all walk around the house to gard the house so this is in 1986 threre was a big fire here and all the people died but he is the one how diddnt died.

                                       the night zoo keeper 

He was shocked to find ….. a goddess the prettiest goddess ever as you can guess it was Aphrodite goddess of love.he fell  for her like no ones biz at first sight he wanted to purpose but from his knowledge he knew that she loved Ares and Poseidon but was married to hephaestus god of fire and blacksmiths  so he found it best to stay quiet.

“shocked ,puzzled,confused you are probably feeling all of these emotions”. mumbled Aphrodite ” i love y.”and the lord covered his mouth before he could say you. but he asked “can i marry you please ?” and Aphrodite said “YES I WILL MARRY YOU ! but first i need to tell hephestus the bad news. and lived happily ever after  THE END


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He was shocked to find a golden apple when he ate the golden apple he fell a sleep. sneakily the joker captured the riddler .  terrfide , confused, scared  batman tried to get the riddler to brake out of the prison and the ridder said”what if the joker caches us” he wont because yov got me remember oh yer who is that it is the jokerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!. what or rite ridder go to the batcave you be safe there and i will trie to kill the joker

to be continude

Gemma brace 100wc

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He was shocked to find a skeleton in the bag. He was so shocked he got scared so he screamed and got louder and louder.After he ran out side and there was no forest were he lived he was sad because he had no were to live he went to all the houses but no one answered.Sneakily he went to the last house and locked really sad.Scared wured thrild that he wasnt going to beabel to go to eney cozey homes.He said to him self i wish i could go back home to see my little spiders i wonder what there dowing right now.I just wonder.Im gowing to b brave and go home.



ashley ws 100wc

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He was shocked to find the big dog inside the sack he quickly shut the sack  and ran back to the change so  he went back to the sack so he can turn him bad so he was rich and he trnd all the anmlse bad and he was happy a gen when a nuver ammle came he trnd him bad .
SO he trnd all them bad so he went back to his thron  and led there  to what thor some more anmmles  to come so he went back to the chagis. to look thore one ammle to be his gard and he lhaft lode and he was happy a gen the end.

Charlotte W’s 100wc

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He was shocked to find  the sunlight diamond.Cheekily he kicked the bag right off the cliff and the diamond smashed against the rocks on the pavement. shocked,amazed,scared,he ran and jumped off the cliff after he saw the diamond smash.He saved himself by his hands and then all the animals came after him but he stopped them by the moon.It was a very boring night after that there was nothing to see all there  were some more trash cans,tall buildings and some lamp posts so there was nothing there really. But he said “at least we still have the diamond” “I guess so” said one of the animals. Well after that he saw something else hiding in the bottom of the bag…


to be continued…

Gemma Ann 100wc

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He was shocked to find a skeleton in the bag he was so scared he screamed and screamed and he ran away into the forest then he saw it following him.

Cheekily he hid but the skeleton found him so he said “go away and I don’t want to see you again”.

Sneakily the skeleton crept away and the man ran away he went to his house and got his gun.

When he got outside he went up to the skeleton and shot him and he was dead on the ground.

He felt so relieved and he danced and danced and he ran to his guards and said “I killed the skeleton he was relived excited and thrilled that he banged his head on the table…


Riley’s 100 word challenge

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He was shocked to find  a big ow then out the bag  was a zoo keeper then the zoo keeper said ” where am I and who are you? then the man with the mask on said” I am metal head” and there are no other humans here. Sneakily, while metal head was talking to his guard the zoo keeper ran away in to the forest and hid away in a tree. Angered,distressed,worried, metal head was worried that the zoo keeper would tell the president of the United States what we did to him we need to find him now search every where around here I want him found.



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He was shocked to find,inside the bag was a robot small zebra he was so surprised. Cheekily, he took the small robot zebra,and chucked him out side in the dark.Scared,shocked,confused,when he saw the little zebra running across the dark scary road.
then he ran after the zebra feeling so sad he said to his self “I wish I dint through the little zebra out”he was crying with laughter.He gave the zebra a big cuddle the zebra done a little grin at the man because the man was happy the Zoo’z jungles and forests
came back he was very very happy.

Lord of dark lord Joel

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Inside of the bag was a was a frozen cat I can’t kill it. Sshocked
the dark gods he rushed to the RSPCA to save the cat. Sneackaly the robot lord ran to the hospital and why did he sneak we’ll becose he didn’t won’t no one to look at the dead fro son cat and if police find the dark lord and arrest him . Unusually I wold kill a cat but now I’ll look after the poor cat .cheekaly I ran home with my new best friend
Shocked,thrilled,amazed I’ve got a new cat The end

Cheekily, Abbie was hiding a sack with a tiny kitten inside,Abbie was surprising Megan. Megan woke up with a yawn,”MEGAN COME DOWN THE STAIRS!!” Abbie shouted loudly. Confusingly,Lazily, And weirdly,Megan came running down the stairs she almost tripped over,”YES??” Megan said breathlessly. “AND WHAT IS THAT BAG-THINGY?” Megan also  added, “Oh um,Its our um.. Mail?” Abbie lied, “Oh well its old fashioned!” Suddenly, The door knob was turning.. It was  a robber! “QUICK!” Megan said “Lets hide!” Abbie ran with Megan they went into the living room. The robber kicked down the door! He was shocked to find a..”Sack?” He said,


sophie’s 100wc

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Long,long ago lived the god of love he had big abs and he was called Isaac .Some other god’s/goddess’s  which hang around him are the goddess of the moon and hunting called Hope.Ryan is the god of the sky’s.Sophia is the god of the sea’s. They were the best of friends all of them except Ryan he was cruel with a iced heart froze by the god of snow and ice cream called Damian .He was the crulest god ever but he remembered the past befour he was crulest in the world. He was the nicest in the world number 1.






kelsey 100wc

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ONE sunny day we went to see a castle and it had lots and lots of poppies and it was like watching a sun set . There was a nother little girl I said to my mum
“im going to see that girl and then she ran away in all the poppies and the queen was there. She chased and chased the little girl and finly the qween callt her .The little girl screamed mummy mummy the queen callt me her mum said im so sorry about that pleaes for give me ove cors i will

caitlins 100 word

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One cold freezing night,I looked out my bedroom window and it was snowing.I went down stairs to ask my mum if I could go out side,she said “yes” “but remember put your coat,gloves,scarf and hat so your be all rapped up” “OK” I said I went out side.We built a snowman and luckily I remembered to to get a carrot for the snowman nose.I found a few stones to be its button then I had a knock on my door and it was Kelsey wondering if she could help me build a snowman so she did Kelsey found sticks for the arms then we was all done so i went in and me and Kelsey had a hot chocolate and a biscuit.

joel 100wc

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One day a littal boy called Ryan was walking throo a wood late at night and behind him was a a big giy he was called the arrow the arrow sneeked up on Ryan and followd him to his house and the arrow whent into this house with Ryan and when Ryan hent to bed the Arow was infront of Ryan but Ryan was blind so Ryan did not see him son killed Ryan the next day they had a funrall littal Ryan he was in this bed at the time.

freya 100wc

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Once apon a time there was a girl called Alice and she lived in a cottige by the spooky forest. She was a nice little girl but she lived on her own.She longed to go in the spooky forest, but she did not know it was a spooky one.So, she decided that it was time to explore the spooky forest.She walked and walked until at last, she got there.Then she thought, I’m going to go in that forest.So she went in. When she was halfway through the forest she had a horrible fright, she’d seen something in the corner of her eye….


lilys scary story 100wc

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John is  going to  the woods and oak is comeing to so we hat to hath a pact a lunch  and  hope was walking  with   molly  was laughing  happy then hope was ling on the  path  then molly was ling on the path and her bath was a sleep on her bed molly went home and her bath dib to so hope went day  hope was at home so we cod not  go to the park because hope came so I was going to my mums homes was   going to a party . I,m going to hopes homes so you are going to mollys.

ashley 100 word

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Once upon a time there was a spoackey foris and a boy came a long and foud the spaockey forist and he was verey sckerd but he went into the spaockey forist but hred loud sounds cuming awrds him but it was just him making that nose so he ran thavr in the woods but he saw a gate and he went into the gate and it was hortid in insid the casle so he went insid it and the doors slamd bhind him and he saw a vampire in the casle so he ran away from it but the vampire found him so he thitid him but the boy cild him and he went back home and had a nice slep last night but the nex day he weant outside so he was happy a gen.

Meganc 100wc

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Once upon a time there were twins calld Olie and Max.  Olie and Max has 2 sistars calld Maisy and Poppy. Poppy is nine and Masiy is ninteen. Olie sad to Poppy and Maisy “do you wunt to play crikit” yes sad Poppy but Masiy sad in ten minits I am panting my tose. Ten minets lator Masiy cam awt.  So wat are we playing a gen? We are playing crikit na sad Masiy.  Masiy sad tomoroe lets go and see that creepy casale. Masiy went in the haws and watcht telivishan. Poppy cam in and sad”you are ment to be at street dance” I sad this weck I am not going. Sevan a cloke thay went to bed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   To be continyood.


Bethany 100 word

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Once upon time there was a girl ,she had blonde hair, blue eyes and hir name was Ashley then she hear a big noise she went to look wot the big noise was then she sore it was a ghost suddenly the ghost got her she screamed and screamed to get wot of the ghost arms then the ghost took ashley a way to his dungeon then a nit came to save she but the ghost sore him so Ashley and the nit run and ran from the ghost but the ghost chip over a root then the ghost got up .

100wc Anouska

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Once upon a time there lived a girl called Charlotte ,she was nine years old. she was walking in the woods on her own .

She came across a dark figure  it was scary Charlotte ran as fast as she could but there was know way out the gats were shut she was running around the park crazily she still clouded get out Charlotte was running around the park all night  in the morning she was so tired that she was soloing down abit. And more,more intill she stopped then she looked around and she sore the figure and grabbed her and she stared to scream.

to be continued…….

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